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As if having 5 No.1 Billboard albums and several other ground-breaking records to date, BTS has gone and done it again by achieving their 6th No.1 Album on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart in the US. With only 15 albums from non-English albums achieving this feat in history, the fact that BTS now have 6 of those 15 No.1 under their belt is unbelievable. 

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As the first and only Korean artist to top the Billboard charts to this extreme, PROOF is proving to be the biggest selling group album in 2022 so far in the US, by sales. Since the album mostly consists of previously released songs, this has also re-entered some of their favorites back into the charts as well. 

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According to chart data (sourced from Luminate) PROOF brought in an impressive 314,000 equivalent album units in its first week, ending on June 16th. With 266,000 traditional album sales, 12,000 track equivalent album (TEA) units, 36,000 streaming equivalent album (SEA) units, the anthology album is making history as the biggest album sales in CD format since Adele’s chart topping ‘30’ last year in 2021, which sold 378,000 CD’s in its first week.

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It’s extraordinary, the list of achievements BTS has accomplished over the years, and not all condensed to their music releases. 

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The philanthropic group has become ambassadors for the youth through their ‘Love Myself’ Campaign with UNICEF, were invited as government appointed diplomatic envoys to meet with Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian hate and also constantly inspire their fan base to follow in their charitable footsteps- particularly when ARMY raised 1 million US dollars for Black Lives Matter supporting racial justice in 2020, and BTS matched that pledge. 

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Truly magnificent, what this ‘‘small little boy-band from Korea’’ can do. And with their promises of their best being what comes next, it’s unfathomable just what greatness is left for them to do.

Congrats BTS on your 6th US No.1 Album. ARMY can’t wait to see what you do next!

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