This year’s famous YouTube Rewind has been replaced with a 24-hour interactive livestream event called “Escape 2021” that will take place today, December 16th.

YouTube Stars and famous artists like Doja Cat and BTS are in the lineup. The event consists of three chapters to give viewers all over the world opportunity to participate. Each of the chapter will be unique and with a final surprise in their last chapter.

BTS has broken records in each social media and YouTube is not the exception, in which they have being doing awesome all year long, acquiring millions of views on new music videos.

This is not the first time the platform does this, on April for the release of BTS single “Butter” a video of melting butter logo was uploaded, and fans were able to interact using the chat. As of today, this video has 18 million views, and 2.4 million likes.

ARMY will never get enough of their idols, so this is another great opportunity to enjoy with them and admire other great artists and content creators. Viewers will be able to interact in the live chat, answer trivia and solve challenges related to trends.

This event will be streamed in 8 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

Share with us with whom do you plan to enjoy this live event!

Author: Aldo

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