To all the fans out there, we all are filled with joy and excitement as today is the day BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook has turned 25 years old! 


If you are an Army you should know Jungkook is not actively on their social media accounts. He surprised fans with a post on Weverse saying “If there is anything you want to say to me please leave it here” requesting it to sound like a song lyric.



In regards to that, JK went on V Live and produced a song with the comments fans left earlier. He then spent the rest of the Vlive with fans by having a two-hour-long mini-concert as a token of appreciation to the Army's! 



How did ARMY'S celebrate Jungkook's birthday?

In celebration of his birthday, fans all around the world have prepared gifts for the idol, each in its unique way. Ranging from massive billboards to bus stop banners and donation drives.

Jungkook BTS

This mega idol has dedicated fans eager to express their love and gratitude. Among the projects, here are the ones we found very intriguing:

Army's in Singapore went above and beyond as they bought land on the moon as a birthday gift for Jungkook. He now owns 4,000 square feet of the moon as he turns 25!



Being the first Kpop Idol to receive a solar panel with his silhouette displayed, Filipino Army’s worked hard in setting up the brightest gift for the birthday boy.




The solar panels will then be donated to the community as most citizens do not have proper electricity.


A flower path made by Jungkook’s birth flower situated at the Busan Mipo Blueline Park in South Korea is a gift from the Army’s in China! The 10mx10m metal arched filled with red and yellow Tiger Lily flowers.




The Army’s in Indonesia hosted a project to prevent this distinctive species of turtles from endangering. A total of 4,000 sea turtles were adopted and later released into the sea.




However, the streets of South Korea have turned into Jungkook’s wonderland as his artwork displays extravagantly on billboards, bus stops, buildings, and even on public transports!




The efforts in conveying their love and gratitude are expressed comprehensively with their dedication to the projects.


As years passed, Jungkook has received tremendous wishes in which will continue as the fandom keeps growing! Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook!



Are you excited and happy as well by the above project? Let us know in comments.



Author - Estella.

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