BTS' Jungkook Reference on Trending K-drama 'Business Proposal'

BTS' Jungkook Reference on Trending K-drama 'Business Proposal'


The drama “Business proposal” is one of the most trending Korean dramas right now. Its extremely amusing scenes which have brought attention to the youth, also Jungkook accepted watching all the episodes which have been released so far.

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It all began when Jungkook reposted on his Instagram account, Director Park Seon-ho Instagram post of the drama “Business Proposal”. A few days before, the idol left a query on his Instagram story “What should I do now?”, at which ARMY answered, “Binge-watching Business Proposal”. 

“I’ve already watched it all” was his response to ARMY, which showed he is a constant viewer of the Korean drama.

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After Jungkook's reply, Director Park Seon-ho expressed his gratitude towards the Golden Maknae of BTS:

“After seeing Jungkook’s story, I wanted to show it right away, so I took a snap and posted it. Jungkook, I love you.”

Jungkook later reposted the director’s post on his Instagram story in response to director Park Seon-ho’s love for him.



Specifically, director Park Seon-ho woke up ARMY curiosity giving them a huge surprise to the idol's fanbase by letting them know Jungkook will very likely be mentioned in a future episode of the K-drama:

“In the remaining episodes of “Business Proposal”, there will be a dialogue that says ‘a handsome man like Jungkook’, so don’t be surprised.” 

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ARMY euphoria was not left unseen:

Clip from the episode where the Golden Maknae is mentioned:

How amazing can this be? Share your excitement with us!

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