JIMTOBER is here! We all know how special ARMY is, and for this occasion, it won’t be the exception. Let us see how did it Jimin's Birthday Project went viral worldwide!

Jimin's Birthday Project 2021

BTS’s amazing fans have been working and preparing Jimin’s 27th birthday this October 13. 

They have been supporting mochi by participating in his birthday project, and they did this throughout Twitter letting everyone know how they will accomplish this.



Here are some of the Birthday projects that went viral on the internet!

To begin with, ARMY has decided to have Jimin’s face, the day of his birthday placed on a billboard on Nasdaq located in Times Square, New York.



Jimin Birthday Project - USA

Lucky fans around in the city and around will be lucky to see Times Squares transformed into Jimin’s Square since they are also displaying video in 701 7th Avenue.



Jimin Birthday Project - Japan

But that is not all, Jimin and BTS have fans all around the world. In Japan, they even began celebrating his birthday on October 6 at Dorim Vision at Fukushima Station. They are showing a huge display with moments of mochi, and it will run until October 19. 



Jimin Birthday Project - South Asian Country

How many borders have BTS crossed? Fans from Pakistan are installing an advertisement at the Emporium Mall, in Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab.



Jimin Birthday Project - Mexico

And Latin America is not left behind, a big mural has appeared in Monterrey City, Mexico, showing a drawing of Jimin, painted by the artist Zack Rodriguez.



Jimin Birthday Project - South Korea

And of course, we can not forget the South Korean fan base, you are donating blood in the name of their idol and have also displayed several pillars with advertisements at the Gangnam Station, Seoul from October 7 until his birth date.


Are you loving this Jimtober? What are you doing to celebrate this amazing artist day? Share with us in the comments!


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