BTS Hiatus: The Full Story Behind BTS "Disbanding"

BTS Hiatus: The Full Story Behind BTS "Disbanding"


As of Tuesday (14th of June), during BTS' Festa dinner that the group used to hold each anniversary, they announced that they are taking hiatus period, the members for sure were speaking in Korean but the word 'hiatus' was used in the English subtitles and there was a mistranslation that led to allegations that spread like wildfire between the fans, as they were trying to figure out what’s going to happen to the group and some thought that BTS are going on an extended break with unknown time of returning.

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Suga started off by talking about the group’s upcoming plans saying We’re going into a hiatus now, we have to talk about the direction we’re taking” followed by RM mentioning that during these 9 years the group has changed and as BTS have always had a concept and a meaningful story to tell the world, he is unsure of the story they are trying to tell in their music now.

RM said, The members still need to develop and mature as individual people and artists” and Jhope added “I think we should spend some time apart to learn how to be one again. I hope you don't see this as a negative thing and see it as a healthy plan. I think BTS will become stronger that way”.

 Due to the allegations of the extended break period, HYBE lost almost 28% of its shares in the value market.  During the very first hours of trading, HYBE fell as far as KRW140,000, that’s about $1.7 billion of market capitalization on Wednesday, June the 15th.

Later, the group's label HYBE had released an official clarification backpedaling on the use of the word "hiatus”, where BTS is not going on a hiatus, but will continue to work together as a group as they focus more on solo projects.

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Moreover, Jungkook made an appearance on VLive under the title of “What's Going On”, clarifying to the ARMY the whole situation and explaining the misunderstandings stating that; BTS are not disbanding, they are just taking a new direction solely, along with continue shooting their "Run BTS" web series on the VLive as usual. He also stressed saying BTS is forever.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, Jungkook noticed a comment from a fan, and he reacted to it saying You are telling me you want me to do the dishes instead of singing?”. Jungkook then decided to unexpectedly leave the broadcast going on and he randomly walked to the sink and started washing the dishes during the VLive. The fans were surprised!

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Jungkook showed off his washing up skills and said to ARMY I’m very good at washing dishes. Do you see how I move my hands? This snap? This is what you call a technique! he hilariously added saying If I was a housewife, I would have done a great job”.
No wonder that Jungkook’s skill in washing dishes is no joke! See the full VLive and learn how to wash the dishes well from Jungkook, by following this link.

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On Wednesday the leader RM, shared a heartfelt post to the fans on Weverse to explain, translation below:

RM’s post translation “After the video was out, I received the most calls and messages since our debut. On the screenshots I got, there were such provocative keywords such as 'disband', 'hiatus', 'announcement', etc. It was not unexpected, but it still feels bitter to see all of these. I didn't expect people to leave their comments after watching the full video where we were crying tears, but with the uniqueness of BTSFESTA on an irregular basis and the symbolic significance of the on-air date (June 13th), it was just a video dedicated to our fans who have always been with us for 9 years.

I understand that other people say we should count our blessings and stop complaining. But like other artists and their fandoms, it is true that BTS and ARMY also have a special bond between each other as we've continuously shared our time together for almost 10 years.

We were asked about this bond hundreds of times, but it's hard to describe with a few sentences. Anyways it was our confession to our fans who have always been more than happy to commune with us within the bond without any reward. Those who watched the video might understand; as the title of the song 'Yet to Come' says, what we truly wanted to say was that this is never the end.

Only the scene of me sobbing was captured, and it continued to spread, which made me think I should've not done this. The courage to be honest always seems to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and anger. What I'd like to tell you is that we didn't mean to beat around the bush.

We just wanted to say as it is and share all the emotions that were in the process with our courage and tears. I believe that ARMY, who knows us well, will understand what we're saying. What we said in the video was everything.

Jungkook and Taehyung explained it well on VLIVE, but we've always been opened to talk about BTS's future in the long term. There were times when we fought and argued with each other, but I believe those were our trials and errors in our journey from starting our social lives at our young age to getting mature as adults.

I'm afraid this post will add fuel to fire, but as the person who talked the most in the video, I'd like to leave my brief comment. Thank you to everyone who watches our videos and gives us good support, love, and energy from afar or nearby. We'll do our best to show you good performances, whether it's as a team or as an individual. Thank you.”

RM was followed by V ensuring fans on Weverse saying, "Now, as this is the start of our healthy footsteps so that we can remain as BTS for a long time, I trust that ARMYs will really like this side of us as well.

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To sum up, BTS is not disbanding, BTS is forever and will focus more in the upcoming days on their solo projects along with the group projects.

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