BTS Festival In Las Vegas? All You Need To Know About 'BTS Permission To Dance - The City'!

BTS Festival In Las Vegas? All You Need To Know About 'BTS Permission To Dance - The City'!


Hybe announced that the BTS concert in Las Vegas will be made into a festival for both fans and BTS! Welcome to BTS wonderland! 

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BTS will be performing in the Allegiant Stadium for four days which will be held on two separate weeks. The first will be on the 8th and 9th of April and the following dates are on the 15th and 16th of April. 

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As posted on their official social media accounts that this event will consist of pop-up stores, entertainment, stay, and even food and beverages that are BTS related. 

There will be an official merch booth at the stadium during the time of the concert as well as a BTS official merch store which will be located at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The pop-up store however will be stationed at Area 15. 

As for entertainment, it is said that the Fountains of Bellagio will be programmed along to BTS songs. Army’s can enjoy the water show while listening to your favorite BTS tracks! 

To make the event even more exciting, 11 hotels will be offering BTS-themed rooms! More information will be released soon. 



Las Vegas will be turned into a BTS wonderland as cafés, photography attractions, and a possible party will be hosted for ARMY to enjoy the fun-filled weekend. 

Hybe also released the Permission to Dance Live Play Timetable which includes programs exclusively for Soundcheck tickets. 

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We look forward to more information from the label! See you there ARMY!

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