BTS Announced an Official Hiatus. #BTSFESTA2022

BTS Announced an Official Hiatus. #BTSFESTA2022


Everything that is good must come to an end, without it, the joy felt during such wonderful times becomes meaningless, and we are left unable to differentiate the good times from the bad. The end we are talking about here is of course about BTS’s Chapter 1. In their 2022 FESTA Dinner, coined ‘Real BTS Dinner’, the members of BTS announced, in an intimate and deeply sincere setting, that they will be going on a hiatus.

The fact that BTS told us this news themselves, with words from their own mouths, their own hearts and worries laid out on a plate, rather in an article or a press conference, proves that it’s always been just us and them. BTS and ARMY. ARMY are deeply sad, and yes, you are crying too. Don’t deny it!

In a tear-jerking video, where the members of BTS talk with us, heart-to-heart, about the things that have led them to this decision. It started off with the members explaining that the famed BTS dorm is officially now no longer the primary living space for the members. They wanted to express full transparency on their living situations, which have been speculated upon and discussed online for quite some time.

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The members reminisced on the time they spent living with each other, for over 10 years for some of the older members, and remarked that through their separation as housemates, they feel they have become closer to each other and admitted they are more like family than friends. It was a tear-jerking segment, but then came the part that had all our hearts in mourning.

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When BTS leader, RM-Kim Namjoon, begun to express his thoughts on the systematic scheduling of the wider K-pop industry and BTS’s own career of the last 10 years, he expressed that through all that he felt like he hadn’t been given the room for personal growth, and that the members were beginning to feel burnt out.

He remarked that he felt guilty for wanting to take a break and felt like he was disappointing the fans by thinking this way. Jimin and a few others reassured their leader that most of their ARMY would understand even if they didn’t ask them to.

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It was difficult to watch Namjoon break down as he expressed his heartache over such a notion, while SUGA- Min Yoongi, divulged his thoughts that for BTS to go on, to come back stronger than ever, with the maturity of who they are now, this hiatus was necessary. The hot-shot producer also said that he doesn’t live with any regrets and is glad to have made mistakes and failed to grow into what he's become.

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Jimin remarked that he feels sad that he can’t share everything with ARMY, and that he doesn’t want to ask for our understanding, because he is assured in the fact that BTS and ARMY stick together, with the same heart. He promised that BTS and himself will love ARMY no matter what, because without ARMY there is no BTS.

Whilst Jungkook went on to express that while they don’t need ARMY's understanding or blessing, he asked for it anyway, the blessing to go away and come back as better versions of themselves.

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Each member expressed their desires to go away and try new things, work on themselves, and get to know who they are as individuals. V-Kim Taehyung spoke about his fear of wanting to indulge in the ambitions and desires he had to pursue different avenues in his career, and remarks this as the reason this decision to put the group on hiatus took so long.

SUGA even revealed his packed schedule of lessons for English and Japanese and spoke about how he is pursuing skills in dance and Pilates. He also said that he would like to expand his genre skills in music so that he has more variety and less chances of being boring as a singer.

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It was also explicitly said that each member is working on their own music. And not just mixtapes. RM contemplated on the meaning of each member doing solo work and said that saying they were each having a ‘’solo debut’’ was too profound. Jimin even said that he is not a soloist, he is a group member. Nevertheless, Jimin is actively working on new music as are the rest.

Excitedly, J-Hope was hinted at being the first to release his solo work, which isn’t a surprise given his appearance at the upcoming Lollapalooza festival at the end of July.

Though it is a sad moment, one thing was made abundantly clear by the members. It was their promise that, however long it takes, that BTS are coming back and said that this is not the end of BTS. RM said that he wants BTS to last for a long time, and that this hiatus is necessary for that to happen, so that they can come back with something new to say and express with their music.

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After the groups upcoming comeback stage with KBS’s Inkigayo schedules the next week, there will be no official schedules or content releases for BTS. But that does not mean we won’t be hearing from them. Perhaps we’ve been given hints for a while now, considering each member has their own Instagram accounts to document their lives and activities to their own discretion.

It’s exciting that BTS are prioritizing themselves at this point because they have always put the fans and ARMY first. ARMYs are glad to witness the members put themselves first from this moment, but that doesn’t mean ARMYs are any less important. ARMY and BTS are one and the same after all.

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(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

This time apart will be sad, and all 7 members will be missed as they go off to explore a world outside of being in the world’s biggest band. But exciting things are still around the corner for BTS. We can’t wait to see what comes from them next. The Best is, yet to come.

As Jungkook appropriately remarked in his closing statement to the FESTA Dinner, recalling his coveted phrase from a letter he wrote ARMY in BTS Winter Package 2019; ARMY Forever, BTS Forever!!!

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