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You know it’s a celebration when BTS announces concert dates! 

Earlier today, Hybe announced their 3-day concert in Seoul! Not long after the statement is made, the hashtag Surprise New Song begins to trend on Twitter. 

The boys will be hosting an in-person and online concert this March at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The concert is an extended Permission to Dance on Stage theme which was held last year in LA.

The concert will take place on the 10th,12th, and 13th of March. However, the concert on the 12th of March is streamed with global live-viewing theater. Whereas the other two dates are with regular online delayed streaming. 

Rumors of a surprise new song from the band begin to circulate the internet as fans believe the boys will be releasing a new single in conjunction with the upcoming concert.



An article released on Naver stated that due to the recent update on member V contracting COVID the other BTS members have a change on their practice schedule. Adding to that a surprise song by BTS is also said to be scheduled! 

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Regarding the ticketing details, it is said children as old as 9 years old are allowed to attend the concert. Weverse has revealed the prices for the in-person tickets which are ₩220,000 ($183.78) for VIP tickets and ₩165,000 ($137.83) for economy seats with VAT included. 

For more information: here

The tickets will be sold through the Interpark ticket reservation site. Fans who are registered with the Army membership will be given priority to purchase the tickets. 

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For the in-person concert, attendees are required to be fully vaccinated and are needed to take a PCR or rapid antigen test beforehand. If you are positive you will be denied entry. 

For further details, Weverse will inform the public at a different time.

Lets get you dancing!

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