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Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, BTS!!! You can’t help but chant when this time of year comes around. The BTS Anniversary is just days away and ARMY is so excited.

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June 13th, for many years, has been known as the day BTS was born. It marks the anniversary of the famed group’s debut showcase at MCountdown where RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jeongguk first performed No More Dream’.

It’s been a long time since those days, the baby fat has worn away from each of the boys’ handsome faces, and with 9 incredible years behind them, this year feels a little more special. To mark the occasion, BigHit has coincidentally (or very cunningly) set BTS’s next comeback to fall just 3 days before BTS’s anniversary on the calendar. But this comeback has an added charm to it as BTS are releasing their PROOF.

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We all know ARMY and BTS are synonymous with the word: family. Truly you have never seen a more dedicated fanbase, but contrastingly you’ve also never seen a group/act who matches that devotion in return.

So, it’s only fitting that BTS have chosen to celebrate that synergy of love with an anthology that compiles the songs that have marked their journey and achievements but also celebrates the people they love most in the world. Their ARMY. Their ARMY is their PROOF. That is what this comeback is all about.

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Since its insurgence, the PROOF comeback has repeatedly kept us on our toes and caused a few heart palpitations as fan’s rejoice over each snippet that is revealed about this comeback.

The track list, for example, which was revealed over the course of 3 days (1 day for each disc that will be included in the album), has caused quite the ecstatic uproar on stan twitter and for netizens. Beloved tracks such as ‘No More Dream’, ‘Run’, and ‘Dynamite’ will all be included on just the first disc. But what had fans in heartfelt tears was the appearance of ‘Born Singer’ as the 1st song on the 1st disc. For veteran ARMY, this will touch upon your heartstrings in a way that is so profound.

It was an unofficial release from before their debut, and is a song adapted from J Cole’s song ‘Born Sinner’. BTS performed it live during their Trilogy tour, which was the only instance ARMY got to witness the emotional performance. The fact that BTS are now releasing it as a remastered track is monumental.

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On top of that, excitedly we’re also getting unreleased demo versions of songs such as 상남자 (Boy in Luv)’, ‘I NEED U’, and ‘Young Forever’ on disc 3. As well as tracks from some of the members solo works like fan-favourite ‘Still with You’ from JK and the highly anticipated version of ‘Tony Montana’ feat Jimin by Agust D (SUGA), which took fans by storm when performed live years back.

It is sad that up until now there was never a recorded track for this version of the song. Which makes it even more thrilling for Jimin stans now that we’re getting what we have begged for, for quite some time.

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Warmly, the members also hand-picked 2 songs each to include on disc 2, songs of which express their personal feelings for BTS and ARMY and which they feel define their individual journeys. Each disc will also include 1 brand-new song each, all dedicated to ARMY. You’ve already seen the teasers dropped for the title-track ‘Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, but warmly disc 2 has a surprise for fans on it.

Appearing as the 1st track for disc 2 is a song titled 달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)’ which is an homage to their long-loved variety show of the same name, which went on a hiatus at the end of last year. The inclusion of this track only goes to show how highly BTS consider their show as part of their journey and proves that it’s still on all our minds. Suffice to say, this track list is entirely riveting, and we just know that the first full listen-through of the entire album once it’s released will move ARMY to tears. Get your tissues and prepare for the oncoming flood!

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Now, the visuals for this comeback are already insane. BTS are showing sides to us that we could have never expected. Starting with their first concept, which saw the boys dressed to kill in leather, chains and combat boots, make-up smoke-y and dangerous, this visualizes the concept of being bulletproof. The group photo has the boys standing in-front of a vault, surrounded by bullet shells, and standing tall.

Their stances make it seem like they are guarding something, and a more in-depth look at their individual shots where they’re each standing in-front of their own damaged vaults, suggests the sentiment that in the face of all the adversity they have suffered, through all the hate and setbacks, they are still standing strong, strong-er even. Fans couldn’t help but notice the damage to the vaults being more intense and devastating than others for some members, which is very telling.

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Moving on to the 2nd concept, we see BTS in a much softer light. At first glance, in contrast to the previous set, it’s easy to profess once again the famed duality of BTS. The softer looks encompass their vulnerability and real selves as people, passed who they are as BTS. If we link that notion to the inference from the first concept, then this second side of themselves is what they were guarding from those who would do them harm.

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Once again, this shows the introspectiveness and profound nature of BTS. The philosophy they’ve always abided by is self-love, standing up for the youth and being symbols of change. This concept is thought-provoking and evocative in ways that only BTS can accomplish. The presiding theories over these concepts substantiates just how much thought is put into the work BTS produces and ARMY is always on point to dissecting and holding personal meaning to their work.

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The 3rd set of concept photos depict simple yet elegant headshots and portraits of each the members with a gleaming white light shining on their faces. It may be the glittery sparkle of their eyes, or perhaps their soft gazes and softer styles, but you can’t help but fall in love with each of them all over again. We all know the meaning of their famed logo, for both ARMY and BTS. It’s an opening door between the two entities.

BTS’s logo is a door opening outwards letting in ARMY to see their true selves whose logo is a door opening inwards that brings BTS into their hearts. How does this relate to the 3rd concept? Well, that aspiring light shining on their faces; is that door that opens us up to their world.

Prophetic if we think about it, as if we go along with the idea from the 1st two concepts, this makes perfect sense. BTS created that door into our hearts a long time ago, and right now they’re gently knocking to remind us that they’re still there. Will you let them in?

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The ‘Yet to Come’ teaser has also been dropped which has given fans a first glimpse into the title-track for this comeback. The visuals hold similar significance to their ‘Spring Day’ MV, some in matching outfits, to scenery to even gestures made by specific members. If this comeback is all about reminiscing and celebrating the past, then the oxymoron of ‘Yet to Come’ being all about the future whilst keeping the memories of the past close, is deeply moving.

The somber feeling, we get from the forlorn yet content expressions on each of the members’ faces speaks of the true meaning of the word: nostalgia. Typically, the world nostalgia is attached to happy memories, evokes feelings of happiness or appreciation for the past. Whilst these feelings are all true, the true definition of nostalgia is quite bittersweet as it's about that feeling of longing we have when recounting a treasured memory.

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There is a feeling of sadness attached to it, which is a feeling that goes very well with this teaser. When Jungkook’s voice sings out in the last few seconds of the teaser with the lyrics: ‘and when the best moment is yet to come’, there’s a strong sense of goodbye etched into the emotions of the words. A goodbye to what has come before, closing one chapter. But the title and words yet to come promise a new beginning and the start of BTS’s next chapter- which is a line ripped directly from Jungkook’s speech accepting Artist of the Year award at the AMA’s last year.

It begs the question: just how long have BTS been planning this comeback? And what are we all in for with this ‘’New Chapter’’?

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Inexplicably, on the week of Festa announcements galore, we also got the news dropped that the inconspicuous ‘???’ that sent ARMYs into a string-and-board type frenzy with theories and conspiracies from the official PROOF comeback schedule, was a surprise for ARMYs in the form of BTS holding an event stapled ‘PROOF Live (with special guest)’ this year for the coveted BTS anniversary.

Thrilling that we get to see our Tannies perform again so soon- probably even some of their new songs being performed too. BTS are so generous with us, but they can never make it easy for us, can they? Just what does ‘with special guest’ mean? Who is it?? ARMYs are once again addled with frustration and the dying need to know who will be joining ot7 on stage for this special event.

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As well as that we’ve also gotten an exclusive with Spotify stories where BTS sit down to talk about some of their staple songs and journey throughout the years. It holds an intimate vibe, and we can’t help but deny that we love watching BTS speak passionately about their music.

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Additionally, BTS also prepared a special 3-episode event with Apple Music for a BTS Radio, in the lead up to their comeback date. ARMYs are being extremely spoiled this year, aren’t they? No one is complaining though, just deeply appreciative of the hard work and effort BTS put into everything they do for ARMY and fans. We can just tell how special this year has been for them, and we are so glad to see them at their happiest as performers.

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So, as well as comeback mayhem, BTS’s anniversary is also this month, right around the corner from their long-awaited comeback. Having announced yet another Festa event this year with activities scheduled from the 13th all the way up to the 22nd of June, it sure is an exciting time for ARMY and BTS. We hope the boys don’t get too exhausted with the magic of releasing their new album, anniversary anticipation and Festa festivities.

So far over Festa, we’ve been called towards BTS’s YouTube channel BANGTANTV, many a time. Unseen dance practice videos have been released and we are yet again reminded of the sheer talent and musical prowess that BTS exhibit. With videos being released for numbers such as Airplane pt2, Best of Me and Tomorrow, with moves and steps as stunning and artistic as the last.

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It’s easy to forget that these routines are a couple of years old and have been seen countless times by audiences far and wide, as live performances or otherwise because they dance so smoothly and fantastically that we never tire of seeing it.

It’s refreshing to watch back on videos from their younger years because not only do we get to see a comparison of where they are now compared to back then, we are also reminded in this very instance of the journey they are trying to visualize for us with their 9th anniversary and PROOF comeback. It all ties together, doesn’t it?

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Overall, just like every year when June 13th hits, ARMYs are infested with excitement and love with the celebration of BTS as a whole. This time of year, always sparks nostalgia and fondness between BTS and ARMY, and this year is even better as BTS are cleverly utilizing that unbreakable bond and devotion as the theme for their comeback.

It’s palpable just how hard BTS has worked on giving ARMY something they can keep close to their hearts. It was said earlier that BTS, and ARMY are like a family, but it went amiss just how vast and indiscriminate that family is. From the farthest reaches of the world, every corner, nook and cranny, no matter what country you’re from or language you speak; the simple fact that BTS has created something so profound and vast is nothing short of being magical.

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They connect us in ways that will probably never happen again. BTS are lucky, they have the biggest family on earth. So, if you’re celebrating Festa for the nth year in a row or if this is your first, get ready to celebrate that family with this BTS anniversary, as it doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent loving BTS.

If the last 9 years has taught us anything, love isn’t quantifiable, it’s profound and untapped. And we are so glad to bask in its glow.

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PROOF will be the 21st official release from the group and the 7th official Album. 7 keeps propping up for them. It has become a good omen for BTS and ARMY. It only indicates how amazing what they have in store for us will be. We are immensely looking forward to BTS’s anniversary marked by this lucky comeback. Are you excited to share your PROOF?

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