BTS and RM Joins ‘Team Century’ for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

BTS and RM Joins ‘Team Century’ for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is around the corner, and the K-pop group BTS has been invited by Hyundai Motor to join the ‘Team Century’ as part of a campaign for the event.

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“Here we are, BTS! We’d like to announce that BTS just joined a new team. It’s called Team Century which is made for Hyundai’s Goal of the Century”.

RM lend his voice to narrate a clip, trying to answer a tricky question: “What makes a great goal?” on the Hyundai x FIFA World Cup 2022 Goal of the Century commercial alongside Liverpool’s legend, Steven Gerard.

Playing together for the Goal of the Century, BTS and Hyundai “goal” is to achieve an environmental commitment.

“A goal that humanity can only score together. Under one jersey… one flag… and for one monumental cause: A united world for sustainability”.

“When we rise as one team… Team Century… we can still win this game”

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