Surprising teaser by Ozuna after the MTV VMAs 2021, where there was news about the BlackPink collaboration with the singer.

BlackPink and Ozuna Collaboration

The Latin singer in an interview for MTV News correspondent Dometi Pongo, confirm that there will be a collaboration once again with the French-Algerian producer and DJ Snake after their success hit together with Selena Gomez and Cardi B “Taki Taki” in 2018.


Ozuna told on exclusive for MTV News that he was coming back:

“I will bring back (the experience of ‘Taki Taki’) with another dose with DJ Snake. It will be released soon, it is an exclusive for MTV: DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion, BLACKPINK and Ozuna”.



Earlier this year, in May, DJ Snake interacted with fans on his Twitter account given a teaser about a collaboration with Lisa from BLACKPINK, responding with a gif with the word ‘Yes’ on it, when asked by a fan.

BlackPink Collaboration

BLINKS thought this BlackPink collaboration was becoming part of Lisa’s new album on her solo debut when he responded that the song was done:

Ozuna Collaboration

The tweets were later erased by the French producer. But now these messages have a new meaning with the confirmation by Ozuna about the upcoming collaboration with the female K-Pop band.


How excited are you about this collaboration BLINKS, let us know!

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This collaboration if it happens will be great, likewise the world of entertainment in South Korea has many surprises because now they are going to make a remake of a soap opera that was originally produced in Venezuela. Keep it up, Aldo you write in a very concise and entertaining way.

Nina October 11, 2021

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