BigHit’s Global Auditions and HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s New Debut Program

BigHit’s Global Auditions and HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s New Debut Program


BigHit Music – the same company who gave us BTS and TXT – is going global for its new boy group.

On June 6th, BigHit released a video game-inspired trailer for the 2022 Global Auditions. The auditions will take place in seven cities:

  • Los Angeles, United States on June 25th.
  • Toronto, Canada on July 2nd.
  • Sydney, Australia on July 16th.
  • Bangkok, Thailand on July 30th.
  • Taipei, Taiwan on August 13th.
  • Tokyo, Japan on September 3rd; and
  • Seoul, South Korea on September 18th.

There will also be online auditions for people unable to attend in person. Registration is from June 6th to September 18th. (There is no advance registration required for the in-person auditions.) 

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Applicants must be born in or after 2002, with an interest in producing, dancing, singing, and/or rapping. More information is available on BigHit’s website.

       (K, TAKI, Nicholas, and EJ. Credits to the rightful owner)

A few days earlier, HYBE LABELS JAPAN announced the release of &AUDITION – The Howling-. The eight-episode program will choose trainees to form a boy group with former I-LAND contestants K, Nicholas, EJ, and TAKI. It starts airing on July 9th on Nippon TV, Hulu, and HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel.

Good luck to all applicants and participants. Fighting!

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