We refreshed your memories with our September box. Now’s the time to sneak peek at our October box. Trust us, it’s going to be SCARY!


But before that, let’s summarize our whole last month’s box experience, shall we?

What was Back To School about?


Considering this month is for school opening, we decided to dedicate our theme box as Back to school. Also because we were nostalgic and didn’t want to suffer alone.

We introduced snacks and drinks that students in Korea take to help sustain their studies. If you don’t know, Korean students are the busiest people. Their libraries are usually filled with hard-working pupils’ heads inside books or laptops.



Hence, we wanted to give you this feeling of getting back to your roots, the place where you commenced your learning. We proudly presented our box with 16 following items.

What was inside the box?

Let us know which one of these goods did you like the most!

Vegetarian black bean noodles


Vegetarian black bean noodles

Now if you’re into K-dramas and K-pop behind the scenes, you are definitely aware of Jjajangmyeon, often translated as “Black Bean Noodles”.

As a fan of Korean dramas and the food shown in them, getting to serve something related to dramas and schools was the motto.

If you don’t know, food delivery is amazing in Korea, students often order Jjajangmyeon. Hence, something related to them to give you guys the feel of Korean school life.

Cha Cha breath mist spray

Cha Cha breath mist spray


It’s not only about your mouth but your mind as well. Yes, spraying this freshener 1-2 times will give you a refreshing feeling before a boring lecture, or a long office meeting, or an impromptu plan from school with friends.

It’s good to be always exhilarating, isn’t it? 

Tiny tan figure


Tiny tan figure

How do you feel about this teeny tiny creature accompanying you on your study table? Sounds like a 'mic drop’ to us.

Damn, V looks so cute here!

It’s not like we want to give you a spoiler or anything - but each one of you will get your biases in one month or another.

Now is it soon or later? Who knows. But you’re going to get it, that’s for sure. 

Real twinkle mask pack

Real twinkle mask pack


Face masks are always necessary for relaxing especially after a long day at work or maybe a bad school exam day.

And when we say we wanted to curate something really special for you guys, we mean it! This is why we had gotten you a Real twinkle mask pack, which was awarded as the “Best product of at the Seoul awards 2019.

Red ginseng extract stick

Red ginseng extract stick

It was a review that I came across for our red ginseng extract which was like that girl got this red thing in her box and wasn't really aware of it.

So she just tasted it and “yucks” didn’t feel like having it ever. Cut to a week, her parents, friends, and weirdly herself, could see a difference in herself - a positive one she highlighted.

She was energized to do more work and efficiently this time.

Well, to break that to you, this is how red ginseng works. It’s in short energizing.

Tteokbokki almonds

Tteokbokki almonds

When the spicy dish mixes with sweet almonds, what do you think happens? A blast of flavors.

The cutesy almond you see there, we warn you to not get confused by his adorableness. He is the one to make you run for water. If you know Tteokbokki, you know what we’re talking about.

Hot6 the king storm


Hot6 the king storm

This energy drink gives you, well, simple - energy.

Why always complicate things when you can understand them simply. Just like how you can easily get the Hot6 down your throat whenever you want to feel the power in yourself coming up on your study table.

That’s what we intended for.

Mushroom hats

These choco boys are as delightful to eat as they look. The hat looks charming, doesn’t it?

If you have had it from our box, do share how you like it with us. 

White Heim 

So your mouth’s going to burst now.

There’s a wafer, then white chocolate, that’s not the end - it’s the hazelnut flavor. 

An authentic combination of crispy, soft, and creaminess.

Moon chip choco

Moon chip choco

Do you see the cute creature there?

About these chips, they are made up of Korean rice. A healthy snack indeed.

The chips will be nutty to your tooth, but you will be surprised with the sweet chocolate after a bite.

Protein share


Protein share

Another healthy one coming your way. Since we knew breaking up chocolate is difficult, we came up with this Protein Share.

Also because it only has 1gm of sugar. It surely won’t do any harm to your diet (if you’re on one). 

You could feel the crunch after a bite with the softness of white chocolate.

Konyak Jjeondigi

Something which tastes like rice pudding. You will have to follow certain steps to make it edible, which you can find in our magazine.

Whatta Pineapple Gum Loppy


Whatta Pineapple Gum Loppy

A pack of chewing gum in pine-apple flavor is ready to make your mouth watery.

A fun activity with this snack - you can collect the loppy sticker. Everybody should have a child alive in themselves they say. Let’s get back to some of our childhood fun activities with this one then.

Collect and show them to us!



A nostalgic snack for Koreans indeed. It was sold through vending machines a long time ago in the country.


All you had to do was to insert 100-200 won. Instead, the players received 10-20 minutes of game time and these sweet treats.

Roasted onion snacks

If you know flamed grilled onions, you must recognize this taste vividly then.

This could taste best when accompanied with the energy drink we talked about, Hot6 The King Storm.

Chili chips fried chili flavor (고추 칩)

Chili chips fried chili flavor (고추 칩)

This snack has chili as a cover and pork stuffing filled inside it. Gives you the real crisp flavor.

Usually eaten by dipping in tteokbokki chili sauce.


What did we want to deliver?


This is what we wanted to deliver as we promise to bring to you guys the best and realness of Korea and its culture.



We wanted to know if we were successful in it. What’s better than to ask you guys!?

After all, all we do is for you - from the box we design, to products we curate, we only keep these beautiful people in mind, our Seoulmates.

How did the customers respond?

No matter how hard we try to make something happen, it’s always you guys who decide whether we were successful or not. 


How did the customers respond?

Just a few of our Seoulmates' opinions.

We were glad to bring happiness to your homes through our boxes.

Excited to know about our October box?


Well Well Well… let’s give you some glimpses of it, what say?


We’ve got a trick-or-treat candy gift for you. And something that’d make you scream “Omg, It’s Sour!” The name of the food screams it too. Perfect for the spooky season, isn’t it?


Got a unique lolly coming your way (P.S. you get to freeze & eat it yeah!). Something which we find amusing!


A viral flavor treats in Korea, get to know the hype once and for all (We tried, the hype is genuine - not kidding).


It’s going to be heaven for you to taste this candy, it’s trending worldwide (Imagine bragging about this to your friends, cause really who hasn’t watched Squid Game?) Can you guess the name?


A lot of stationary mix-matched with your favorite K-pop idols merch.


And did we tell you about the all-time favorite skincare item of our Seoulmates? Yes facemask, but with a twist this time. Look forward to it, will you?


It’s October and something related to pumpkins has to be there, don’t you think? Now, is it food, any merch, or beauty products, we’ll reveal it soon!


You will learn even more about it through our Seoulmates’ one of the favorite things in the box - Magazine!


Stay tuned for more updates!


Author - Akshita

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