Best Korean Snacks to Pair with Soda

Best Korean Snacks to Pair with Soda

Is there a better way to enjoy a bottle of soda during your snack time? How about pairing your favorite type of soda with the perfect snack! Soda is always good at having a variety of snacks. 🥤🍿

With a bottle of soda and a delicious Korean snack in your snack time to make the perfect match.

1. Cinema Mix Popcorn (Included in January SeoulBox)


 2. Mini Chili-Cheese Nachos (Included in January SeoulBox)


3. Grilled Green Onion


4. Honey Butter Chips


5. Kokkal-con Spicy Korean Chicken 



We are including a bottle of beverage starting this month! It means you can get a bottle of BTS soda in January SeoulBox! Yay! and also you’ll experience exciting goodies & authentic snacks while you enjoy the Kpop at your home.

It's a limited quantity, so Don’t miss it!




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