Best Korean Snacks to pair with Makguli

Best Korean Snacks to pair with Makguli

Makguli may not be the very first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Korea, but it is catching some serious heat within Korea and have been gaining mass popularity in the more recent years. 

Annnd! There must be sweets to nibble on where there is Makguli. 

Makguli is a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage made from rice. We usually enjoy Makguli with Korean-style pancakes but it also pairs very well with snack options. With the right combination of Makguli and Korean snacks, you can have yourself a fun and tasteful evening.

To see our favorite Makguli and Korean snack pairings, feel free to check out the list below. We got choices from savory chips and almonds to various sweets.  

Enjoy :-)


Turtle Chips Chocolate Churros

 As soon as you put it in your mouth, the chocolate and cinnamon scent spreads out with crispness. It is currently the most popular snack in Korea and it is hard to get it on the market. It is so delicious and addictive that it goes well with makgeolli.


Melted Rice Chip Injeolmi

It is a texture that is sprinkled with injeolmi powder on a thin rice chip. The savory taste of injeolmi is harmoniously blended, making it perfect for makgeolli. 


Cookie and Cream Almonds

There is an almond that will eliminate the prejudice that almonds will only go well with beer. There is a thick layer of chocolate around almonds, and it is delicious, so you won't stop eating. Cookie and creamy almonds and a glass of makgeolli will make a happy evening.



Matdongsan, one of Korea's longest-lived snacks, is mixed with peanuts to blend in savory and sweetness. It goes well with creamy Makguli, so you can enjoy it more deliciously with it. 


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