Best Korean Snacks to pair with Hot Black tea

Best Korean Snacks to pair with Hot Black tea

Is there any better way to spend your mid-day tea time with a cup of black tea? How about pairing the perfect snack with your favorite type of black tea! Black tea is always good to have with various snacks. 

With a cup of hot black tea and a tasty Korean snack in your tea time to make the perfect match.




Sablé from Haitai is a Korean version of a French round shortbread cookie that originates in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, in Sarthe. 


Petit Mon Chère Custard Caramel

I recommend it if you want to taste the subtle spread of custard cream and caramel scent. It is said that it is more delicious if you microwave it for about 10 seconds with tea and then put ice cream in the refrigerator or freezer to enjoy it coolly. Find out this cute tasty treat from your December SeoulBox!



Orion has re-launched its original Go Somi, which came out in 1979. 
With the original recipe, it's salty and crunchy, so it's a taste that keeps coming to mind. It has sesame seeds in it, so you can feel a strong savory taste. It is easy to eat in one bite size, so you can enjoy black tea without crumbs.


Couque D’asse Cake Edition

Originally started as a cookie made in Asse of Belgium, now it became a popular snack in Korea. It melts away when you put it in your mouth. Cream and bread are so soft and savory that they go well with black tea.



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