Best Korean Learning Apps You Need In 2022

Best Korean Learning Apps You Need In 2022

You might want to learn the Korean Language for your next trip or maybe you simply want to understand K-pop and K-dramas without subtitles, either way, learning Korean can be disheartening. 

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To help you in your journey, we’ve come up with a list of 9 best apps to learn Korean in 2022. 

Write it! Korean 

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Learning how to read and write the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is a key aspect of learning Korean and this is exactly what this app aims at. With Write it! Korean you’ll be able to learn the alphabet step by step, firstly assisted with on-screen help until you’re trained enough to write the characters on your own. 

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To keep the process engaging, there are practice and test sessions as well as a star system. The more you take tests accurately, the more you earn stars!  

As this app focuses on the real basics of learning Korean, it is more appropriate for beginner learners. 

The app is free and available on IOS and Google Play 

Korean+ Talk to me in Korean 

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Korean+ is one of the best apps when it comes to Korean grammar. It gives you access to’s podcast with downloadable lesson notes that help you learn grammar rules, vocabulary and phrases. It offers an introduction to Hangul, sample dialogue audios and video lessons as well. 


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As the lessons are in a podcast format it is perfect to listen wherever you are: in public transportation while going to school, your morning sports session or driving to work! 

There are 10 courses of different levels, each including around 30 lessons, making it the perfect app for beginners but also more advanced learners. 

It is free and available on IOS.  


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Memrise is a language learning app based on flashcards. If you want to build your vocabulary quickly and effectively, this is the app! 

Memrise allows users to create their own vocabulary decks. This indicates that you can create your own flashcard or download lessons for free from internet sources such as the TOPIK prep book and have a customized learning experience. 

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The app also has a feature called Explorer in which you can use your camera to scan things around you and have the Korean translation. This is perfect to increase your everyday vocabulary. 

Memrise is free but if you want to have access to more Korean content you’ll need a premium subscription. 

It is available on IOS and Google Play


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With more than 1,000,000 users around the world, Eggbun is one of the most popular apps to learn Korean. The app teaches Korean vocabulary and grammar in a personal chat format where you converse with “Lanny”, a chatbot. 

This app is especially good if you find yourself losing engagement fast, as it is like you were speaking to a real Korean person. Indeed, you can receive audio notes recorded by real Korean speakers.

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There is also a “Culture” folder that will give you insights on the Korean Language like slang or history.  

Eggbun is fun and easy to use and covers areas from learning Hangul to advanced conversations. 

Eggbun is free but offers premium subscriptions with additional features at $17.99 for a month, $30.99 for 3 months and $94.99 for a year.  

It is available on IOS and Google Play


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If you are a visual learner, you’ll probably love Drops. Like Memrise, it focuses on vocabulary but with Drops, each new word comes with an image to help you remember it.

The app contains thousands of Korean words and phrases and different modules such as transportation, food, entertainment or business.

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Additionally, when registering, you can indicate your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced and it will propose appropriate vocabulary.  

Drops offers a free version where you can study for 5 minutes per day. There are also payment options: monthly ($9.99), one year ($69.99) and lifetime ($159.99) that give you access to more features. 

It is available on IOS and Google Play.


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Lingodeer is probably the most popular language-learning app for Asian languages. It has a fun and innovative approach to teaching with all lessons being created by real teachers. 

What makes it different is that the curriculum is grammar-based to help you have a deeper understanding of the Korean language. Additionally, you can click on most of the words to hear them being pronounced by real Korean speakers. 

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Lingodeer offers courses for different Korean levels: 

  • Korean 1 with introductory and beginner lessons 
  • Korean 2 with lower and mid intermediate lessons 
  • Fluent Korean to improve your conversation skills 
  • Travel Phrasebook to get you ready if you travel to Korea

Each level is divided into sections and you can’t move to the next section without having mastered the one before. 

The app is free to download with premium subscriptions costing $14.99 for a month, $34.99 for 3 months and $79.99 for a year. 

It is available on IOS and Google Play.

TOPIK one 

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If you’re considering studying or working in Korea you might want to take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) to certify your Korean level. In this case, the TOPIK One app is a must-have.

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The app contains previous TOPIK exams with answers, a Korean-English Dictionary to help you build your vocabulary and audio files for the listening tests. TOPIK One provides different content for different levels so whether you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced level you’ll find appropriate material to study. 

The app is available on Google Play

Naver Korean Dictionary 

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Naver is the most popular search engine in South Korea and provides a lot of different services: news, videos, webtoon, blogs, weather forecasting and one of the best Korean dictionaries. it is available in more than 30 languages and happens to be an awesome tool to improve your Korean vocabulary. 

The app gives you access to a dictionary with the specific word translation (so you can know if it’s a noun, adjective, verbs etc.), example sentences, synonyms and all the possible meanings it can have.

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Additionally, there are high-quality audio recordings to help you learn Korean pronunciation. 

What makes this app even greater is that you can create your own word books where you’ll be able to save and review vocabulary lists. You can create them yourself but Naver also offers prexistant  vocabulary lists for Korean learners. 

Additionally, Naver Dictionary includes a translator which is super useful during a trip! 

It is free and available on IOS and Google Play.

Hello Talk 

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If you belong to the people that prefer to exchange with natives rather than studying in textbooks, then HelloTalk is the perfect match for you. It is a social learning app specifically made for languages.  

When signing up, you have the option to choose the languages that you speak and the ones that you are interested in. By doing so, it connects people who speak a language fluently with those who want to learn this language and vice versa.

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So if you speak English and want to learn Korean you’ll be paired with a native Korean seeking to learn English.

On this app, it is also possible to send audio notes, make video calls, and send photos. It can be an amazing opportunity to practice the language with native speakers and also develop friendships! 

Hello Talk is free and is available on IOS and Google Play.

Share with us your insight on which app you prefer to learn Korean!

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