We all love k-movies but there are some that stand above the rest. Awards, praise and even international accolades have been given to a few korean movies. Train To Busan and Parasite are films that have received so much attention that they are both receiving the Hollywood treatment either as a remake or a spin off. These films have more than earned the recognition that they have received from around the world.

Train To Busan

2016's Train To Busan, starring Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-Seok is a zombie film that manages to distinguish itself in a heavily over saturated genre. Whether its movies, comics, or TV shows, the concept of zombies has been around for a while and used frequently. In Train To Busan, a zombie outbreak occurs while passengers are on a train. The characters in this movie deal with the stress of trying to survive while also dealing with the paranoia and distrust that’s comes with being stuck in sn impossible situation with others that they do not know or trust. This film and its actors have won several awards from various award ceremonies such as the Asian Film Awards, The Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, and the Baeksang Arts Award. Train To Busan has received so much positive attention and praise that it is currently in the very early stages of a possible American remake. So far it appears that James Wan will be producing it with Timo Tjahjanto as the director.  


Let’s address the absolute giant in the room that is Parasite. Directed by Bong Joon-Ho, starring Song Kang-Ho, Choi Woo-Shik and Lee Sun-Kyun, follows the story of how a family living in poverty manages to con their way into employment for a wealthy family. As the film progresses, it builds a sense of unease that steadily increases because as the viewer, you know that something will go away but you don’t know from which direction it will come from. This film has a long list of accolades including 4 Oscars. Parasitr took home the Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film. Currently there are plans to create a spin off series for HBO. Bong Joon-Ho will be an executive producer for the series. Tilda Swinton has been signed on to star in the series there is an unconfirmed rumor that Mark Ruffalo will be a part of the show as well..

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