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Hi SeoulMates, from now on, each middle month we’ll present you a special content  about SeoulBox. For this month we want to introduce all the members behind the brand. We are currently 12 SeoulTeammates from all over the world who share their love for Korean Culture.

SeoulBox was founded by Suji and Raj in 2019 because Suji, a Korean girl from Busan, was homesick in the UK where she met her best friend Raj. Together they had the great idea to bring Korea closer to everyone else.

Among the 12 people working together, we gather a total of six different nationalities: English, Spanish, Indian, American, French and of course Korean, which makes our story even more exotic.

Well, we thought it could be interesting for you to know a little more whose behind each story each month and get to know us! You might have seen some of us behind Instagram posts, but we have never actually presented ourselves!

No worries little by little you’ll see each one of us, and if you’re observing you’ve been able to see Max, Nuria, Bhagyashree, Suji, Barsha & Camille! 😝

You can tag us under where you find one of us and guess which one it is! (Good luck for Bhagyashree and Camille they’re pretty well hidden!)

                                                                    Our SeoulBox Family Chart! 

We were wondering about making a Q&A live with you guys or showing ourself more throughout posts, reals, TikToks. Please,  tell us what you think about it and what type of content you’d like to see with us inside!

Creator -  Bhagyashree.T & Camille Dsz


I read about your team members and everyone is looking great. I love Korea and Korean culture, I watched a lot of K-drama and everything about Korea I love it. I want to visit Korea if I have chance and I hope sooo soon… Thank you for your all efforts… Best wishes 🥰❤️🙏 Love Jukes

Love | June 22, 2021

Love it <3<3 Looks like an amazing team ;)

수지 | June 21, 2021

Wow this is so awesome <3

Jiya | June 16, 2021

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