Be Butter With BTS- Smooth Review!!

Be Butter With BTS- Smooth Review!!

So the most awaited comeback is here! Can’t hide the excitement for sure, after all, it's BTS another English single. Once again our boys proved that what a combination of good music is with great lyrics, outstanding cinematography and lots of hotness, and of course tons of love for Army!



Here we are to share the “Butter” music video concept right from scratch of the first photo concept till the release of this K-pop Song! 


HYPE Before The HYBE Release! No wonder all the ARMIES out there were not hyped enough for this marvelous comeback! The fact that BTS kept us holds our horses till the D-day of their release was exciting enough for the fans out there! HYBE & BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT kicked off with their preparation for the new comeback from the beginning of May’21.  


  • Teasers - Which Was Enough To Tease Us!

“BUTTER” had its schedule set for May, till the main song release date! They were divided into many parts which mainly featured “Concept Clip – Poster”, “Teaser Photo -1”, “Teaser Photo -2” and “Official Music Video Teaser”. And trust me this planned concept was way enough to get us all ready melted away!


  • Wardrobe/Costume Designer

There is one thing for sure, that BTS always tend to swoon over us by their charm and personality however they as well are too aware of their appearance and this could be seen in the music video! BTS looked drop-dead gorgeous in their new Pop Rock song by styling themselves with retro rock style outfits! Coming to some international brands clothing that was worn by them were:

  • Suga- He wore Versace‘s “Crystal-embellished Double-breasted Blazer”
  • J-Hope & JK - They wore a thick shoulder-padded blazer from BALMAIN Paris‘“Pre-fall 2021” collection.
  • Jin & Jimin - They stood out from the rest with his white set of clothes, wearing Saint Laurent‘s “Single Breasted Wool Blazer”
  • RM & V - They dressed elegantly in a blazer from BALMAIN’s “Spring-Summer 2021 Collection.”

And finally, we can’t forget the accessories that the boys were wearing! V rocked it in a CHANEL dangling earring!! Hallelujah to the costume designers!! 


  • Overall MV

 “Butter” is a charming rock dance-pop track that opens with a captivating bassline and the sound is quite a bright synth kind of. It's a very cool upbeat hard party song. The video was released on Friday and fans all over the globe love it. The music video kick starts with our Golden Maknae i.e., vocalist Jungkook singing, “Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover" moving forward to next members V, J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jin, and Jimin join him for a monochromatic experience turning into a blast of colors. 



  • Lyrics & Conclusion

 The lyrics as usual didn't disappoint this time too. The track is stuffed with lyrics in such a manner that it will give you a hard but smooth vibe and will melt you too (Comment down if you haven't been melted yet) — the rap lines’ parts are crazy with lyrics like “No ice on my wrist / I'm that nice guy,” SUGA kills it. When J-Hope begins with his part we can feel the vibe of the live performance of boys. (We won't write lyrics go and watch the video with captions ONN~ Keep Streaming)

Also in the video we witnessed, our boys pay tribute to their fans, of course, we are those crazy fans called 'ARMY' with their poses. BTS stunned their fans globally.

 Last time with DYNAMITE the boys got tremendous success all over the world, got nominated for GRAMMY. This time with BUTTER they created the history of the most viewed video in the minimal time. Hopefully this time we will get the award for sure!


If you are done reading the don't waste time wondering here and there GO STREAM our queen BUTTER.


Author  -  Barsha & Bhagyashree


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