Be a Queen of Beauty: 5 Fall/Winter Korean Makeup Brands You Need To Try

Be a Queen of Beauty: 5 Fall/Winter Korean Makeup Brands You Need To Try

The weather is getting colder and the nights are getting longer. This means one thing: the holidays are coming! Most notably, 2020 is almost over! These are just some of the reasons to rejoice, and they call for a make-up that will not only showcase your appearance, but also make you feel good. Here are some K-beauty brands featuring some of today's most famous K-pop stars, local and international models that will surely give you the inspiration you need to brighten up your Fall/Winter look!


1. Irresistible Red

When it comes to the make-up appearance of Jennie, one thing draws your attention. Her lustful lips have a matt, red color in her signature. Her favorite brand is Hera's Rosy Suede, which is heavily pigmented but also naturally smudges around the lips. It gives her the elegant yet youthful look, ideal for her effortless combination of cute and charismatic personality.



2. Natural Like Fall

Pink Muhly Grass typically grows from late summer to autumn in Korea. The color of roses and lilacs change, depending on the position of the sun on the blossoms, and this dream scene gives a warm and beautiful feeling of nature. The famous Etude House K beauty brand was influenced by these beautiful shades and created Mulhy Romance, a palette to make you feel the sunset. If you're looking for a more festive holiday look, the newest "Vintage Camelia" range from the brand is also influenced by flowers.



3. A Touch Of Sparkle

Clio's "Prism air palette," which has eight different golden colors, shimmers and subtle glazings, is another beauty line for holidays. It's like wearing gems which add this extra brightness to your face. This is great for people who want to add something else to their makeup without changing dramatically. It matches the glamorous and showy appearance of Krystal while retaining the new, natural glow.



4. Glam And Glossy

In Korea today, fashionable matte lips are slowly shifting to lighter colors. Lilybyred is a growing brand of K-beauty at the forefront of this trend. The look of the lips, which definitely highlights, is fun, sassy and special. Who else could model this pattern better than Kim Doyeon's Weki Meki? She's got pretty pouty lips that look fantastic in any hue!



5. Holiday Spirit

Too Faced cosmetic Korea makes us want those holiday specialties with color pallets called "Pumpkin Spice," "Gingerbread Spice" and "Salted Caramel." You will definitely have fun with your makeup look for the holidays, as you have endless color options which evoke these sweet and spicy treatments. Try the "Born Like This" base, which gives you a subtle, airy appearance of Oh My Girls Yooa, to build a smooth, flawless canvas!




Hey Seoulmates! Hey Seoulmates! What makeup looks and brands of K-beauty do you want to try? Tell us in the following comments!

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