Around the World in 80 Korean Ways

Around the World in 80 Korean Ways

Think of a dining table filled with Bulgogi burgers and Galbi sausages. What about Kimchi cheese taco or cod roe pasta? Korean chefs are hard at work like Willy Wonka, crafting incredible and magical combinations between unique world cuisines and a spicy Korean kick. Time to tuck in.


Bulgogi Burger: America

 McDonald’s in Korea has a different spin on Hamburger, which they call the ‘Bulgogi Burger’.  A patty of marinated bulgogi which tastes like a sweet and smoky BBQ sausage. It opens a new door to the fantastic mashup of creamy mayo and gooey Bulgogi sauce!


Sundae: British

 A classic blood pudding includes pork blood, pork fat and oatmeal. It’s a surprising coincidence that blood sausage is a Korean traditional food. Blood pudding is fried and presented as part of a full breakfast, whereas Sundae is steamed and served as dinner.


Schnitzel: German

Crisp, juicy, rich German schnitzel are covered with sweet BBQ sauce for the ultimate fusion lunch. Inspired by the pork cutlet and developed from Katsu, Tonkasu added with a hearty Korean infusion to make it a delicious meal. Experience some clever twists like cheese, sweet potato mousse or chili. Macaroni salad, Kimchi and rice complement this 5-star fusion.


Roe Pasta: Italian

This fascinating dish combines Myeonglan, which is essentially cod roe marinated in a Korean style, with the classic comfort food from Italy. Salty, but not overbearing, cod roe, fresh cream and crushed seaweed create something absolutely unique and unforgettable. We are lucky to live in this era where we can taste this scrumptious Korean-inspired pasta.


Kimchi Nachos: Mexican

This dish takes a cheesy Mexican classic and mashes it up with the spicy flavors of Korean Kimchi to create an instant hit. The combination of spicy and sour from the Kimchi and the soothing sour cream with crunchy nachos is just divine. It’s a healthy probiotic punch and a great late night snack. (Pic 6) What a Korean kick!

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