April SeoulBox Magazine "Escape to Korea"

April SeoulBox Magazine "Escape to Korea"

Are you ready to embark on an incredible, life-changing journey? In this month, you will learn all about what it is like to pack everything important to you in a suitcase and make an exciting voyage over to Korea. From speaking to our amazing Seoulmates, we have learned that this is an important dream that many of you wish to fulfill. This motivated us to craft an unboxing experience to help you prepare for this experience and include useful insights on what to expect. You will learn the hidden spots that foreigners discover in Seoul, important tips and tricks to remember during your big move, and experience a selection of treats based on what you would try after taking your first steps in the Land of the Morning Calm. Happy Unboxing Seoulmates!


  1. Experience the flavour of savory Injeolmi this month, as a puffed snack
  2. You can’t say that you have lived in Korea without trying Chimaek
    [치맥]. Enjoy a fried chicken snack with soda to bring your snacking experience to another level!
  3. When you have a hangover, try Bae Pear Juice! This will solve your hangover smoothly



  1. A unique and special SeoulBox merch item this month: An ‘I’ve Got Seoul’ Eco bag that you can use to carry anything comfortably
  2. Customize your Eco bag with an adorable Tiny Tan badge
  3. A SeoulBox mask strap: Look forward to May when we will offer a matching mask - collect them all!
  4. Let’s Kill This Love with a BLACKPINK wrist strap!


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