APINK 11th Anniversary Fan-Song!

APINK 11th Anniversary Fan-Song!


Each year, the South Korean girl group, for their anniversary, they release a song for all Pink Panda’s to enjoy, which has become a tradition between the group and fans.

IST Entertainment confirmed the release of this year’s fan-song to celebrate the groups anniversary, April 19. After changes in the group this gift will be their first release since ‘Horn’. APINK has been doing this for the last 10 years since their debut, and it’s nice they continue doing so.

Although Naeun signed in 2021 with YG Entertainment, we got to see all APINK members in ‘Horn’ and this new anniversary fan-song won’t be the exception, besides receiving this song as a gift, a more special one will be seeing them once again together.

Meanwhile we wait for this release, we can enjoy a recap of their past fan-songs:

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