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We all know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide! In Korea, there are many different kinds of days that are similarly associated with Valentine’s Day.

In Western countries, Valentine’s day would merely be a holiday celebrated by western couples but in Korea however, it is celebrated monthly with diverse intentions. 

Although the dating culture in Korea is far from the western culture in terms of the public display of affection, they also do not call their partners using romantic pet names like “baby” etc.

A little TMI, if you watch K dramas you would realize that couples call each other by their real name or even by their nickname. It is somewhat rare to hear Korean couples calling their partners using pet names.

Now let’s get into the various anniversary days that Korean couples celebrate?

White Day

White Day

White day is celebrated similarly to Valentine’s Day. The day is filled with chocolates and flowers, showing appreciation to your partnersCoincidently, they are both celebrated on the same date just a month apart! 

Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, White Day is celebrated on March 14th. The purpose of this special day is for men to return their appreciation to women by showering them with confectionaries.  

Therefore, we can conclude that these days are segregated according to gender. Women will present gifts on Valentine’s Day, whereas during White Day, men return the favor.  

100th Day 

100th Day Western couples are known to celebrate their anniversaries every year, however Korean couples celebrate their milestones every 100 days. 

Celebrating by every 100 days holds much importance to Koreans rather than yearly anniversaries. Its history goes way back to the 20th century where Koreans celebrate the gift of life when their babies reach the 100th-day milestone. 

Due to the bad conditions during those times, the mortality rates of infants were incredibly high. When a baby passes its 100th day, it marks the milestone that the child will be filled in wellness, therefore they celebrate and honor the life of the child 

This day is not only celebrated by couples but by many other occasions which involve newborns and pregnancies. 

Diary/Candle Day

Diary/Candle Day

Besides Valentine and White Day, Korea has a series of days that falls every 14th of each monthAs for the Diary/Candle Day, it is celebrated on January 14th, couples would gift each other diaries on this day as a way to commemorate the start of a New Year. 

By gifting a diary, one can write their resolutions, goals or even remember the romantic days spent with their partner throughout the year. It can also be useful to mark important dates of the new year! 

Besides that, Candles are an alternative gift for this day. It is said that the candles are used for prayer purposes or can also be used as a decorative prop. 

Yellow/Rose Day 

Yellow/Rose Day

It is celebrated on May 14th, where couples dress in the color yellow and give each other roses. 

The purpose of this day is to celebrate the gift of love, as roses symbolize love and romance it can be used to show appreciation to your loved ones.

However, for singles, they spend this day eating yellow curry together and possibly be wearing yellow-colored outfits as well!  

Kiss Day 

Kiss Day In Korea

You might imagine people smooching on this day, but in reality, this is when you can get lipsticks at low prices as they will be on sale! You’ll be able to find limited edition items that also include breath mints!

Kiss Day is celebrated on June 14th as the day where people express their love and feelings to their crushes. As in Korea, public display of affection is not a norm but during this day they are allowed to break the customs of kissing in public. 

Silver Day

Silver Day

Did you know in Korea’s dating culture, gifting your partner a ring is a tradition? Being in a relationship is taken as a serious matter as netizens expect it to lead to marriage.

During Silver Day which is celebrated on July 14th, couples exchanged rings made out of silver. Modern times allow other jewelry items to be gifted as long as they are silver.

By using these items, signifies their commitment to each other and indicates that they are in a relationship with the public. 

In some cases, Silver Day can be assumed as the day couples become decide to be serious about their relationship and proceed to meet each other’s parents. 

Green Day 

Green Day

I would love to experience Green Day with my partner, as the day allows you to walk through the forest or have a picnic in a park with your significant other. 

Koreans usually spend the day out drinking together whether it’s in a bar or at Han River for a picnic, Soju can be seen by everyone. The name associates with the color of its bottle which is Green.

On the other hand, single individuals would wear green outfits and drink soju together with their family or friends.

Photo/Music Day

Photo dayIf you are photogenic, this day is made for you! This day is mostly celebrated among the younger generations as they spend the day doing photoshoots and singing. 

In Korea, you’ll spot photo booths along the streets which allow couples to spend time taking memorable photos together. However, some will go to the extent of booking portrait studios to take their pictures. 

To end the day, Korean couples will head to a 노래방 (Noraebang) which is a private Korean karaoke room where they will be able to sing their hearts out. 

Wine Day

Wine Day

Since Soju is almost an everyday drink, couples enjoy this special day by drinking wine while out on a romantic dinner date. 

Although this day is made for romantic dates, families, and friends also come together to celebrate and enjoy a bottle of wine. 

Movie Day

Movie Day

You can spend the whole day binging to movies or even series on November 14th! Whether you prefer to go to the cinemas or enjoy the comfort of your own home, this day allows you to spend time with your loved one. 

It’s possible to even rent out your private cinema and pick the movie of your choice for you to enjoy with your partner. Since it’s a whole day filled with movies, don’t forget to get your snacks!

Hug/Sock Day

Hug/Sock Day

Get free hugs on December 14th each year as Hug Day is made for couples to enjoy the warm embrace of each other. Though every day should be considered hug day, this day is special as 

December is the winter season in Korea and hugs are completely necessary!

To prolong the warmth of the day, Korean brands decided that couples should exchange socks! Stores will provide many various options to choose from, and even come up with matching designs for couples to enjoy!

We hope these new cultural insights into the dating scene in Korea gained your interest as they did to us! If you have a personal favorite don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments! 

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