Anime Recommended by BTS’ V, Have You Seen Them All?

Anime Recommended by BTS’ V, Have You Seen Them All?


BTS idols schedule is always full, with concerts, album recordings, reality shows and much more but when they have some free time, they surely try to use it and enjoy it to the fullest. BTS idol V has shared some of his hobbies with ARMY, and one of them is watching anime.

If you are bored or wanting to begin watching a new anime, well, Taehyung was kind enough to share with all of us, his recommendations, the ones he have enjoyed the most.

One Piece

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Focused on the life of man, made of rubber named Monkey D. Luffy, embarks on a journey from the East Blue Sea to find the ‘One Piece’ a mythical treasure that will proclaim him the King of the Pirates.


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Following a high school boy named Shinichi Izumi, with a hand possessed by Migi, an alien parasite. Together they fight against other parasites feasting from humans.

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Hinata Shouyou is determined and focused to become a volleyball championship’s star player after his love for the sport appeared after a National Championship aired on TV.

Nodame Cantabile

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On this anime we will follow the adventures of Noda Megumi, a young musical genius, alongside with her to become lover Chiaki Shinchi, a first-class musician who wants to play among Europe’s elites.

Share with us in the comments how many of these anime series have you watch!

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