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All you need to know about Cherry Blossom in Korea!

It’s Spring season! The season of Cherry Blossom has finally arrived in Korea! This is one of the most beautiful seasons in Korea, where the trees begin to be filled with color and days begin to be filled with warmth. 

In Japan, Cherry blossoms are called ‚Äúsakura.‚ÄĚ However, the Korean Cherry Blossom is called ‚Äúbeot-kkot (Ž≤óÍĹÉ)‚ÄĚ The flowers bloom for a week or two, which is why festivals flood the country so everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of Cherry Blossoms.

Where to see Cherry Blossoms in Korea 2022?

  • Seoul¬†


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Cherry Blossoms bloom in the early days of the month in April. Being the most visited city in Korea, they often host several festivals that are related to the season. 

Most travelers would visit the Changgyeonggung Palace where they enjoy the scenery of Cherry Blossom trees as well as many other floral displays. It is also said to have the most Cherry Blossom trees than any other place in Seoul as it was planted during the Japanese colonization.

Another famous place in Seoul is Yeouido Park. There are a total of more than 1000 trees in the area and they are lined up perfectly along the Han River.

Every year, netizens gather as they celebrate the annual Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. There will be street food and even performances for the public to enjoy. 

  • Jeju Island¬†

The trees on the island are different compared to the ones in the city. Due to the weather in Jeju, the Cherry Blossoms have a much more vibrant color and are called the King Cherry Blossom Tree. 

You can head over to Jeju Sports Complex or Seogwipo during the end of March to see King Cherry Blossom bloom.

As it only lasts for a few days, be sure to mark the days so you’ll be able to catch this memorable event. 

  • Gyeongsang Region¬†

In other popular cities of Korea, the Gyeongsang region is located in the South. During this time, it’s a bit warmer than other regions as it is near the sea. Cherry blossoms tend to bloom earlier in these cities compared to the northern parts. 

Visit the Oncheon Stream Park in Busan, it is frequently visited by the locals as it is in the middle of two separate towns. During the blooming season, the flowers surround the streams and create a picture-perfect moment. 

One of the famous festivals in the Gyeongsang region is the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. It is held in the small city of Jinhae and is over a week long. You will be able to learn about Korean culture and history during the event. 

Importance of Cherry Blossom in Korean Culture 

In the earlier days when Japan colonized Korea, they intended to wipe out Korean culture as well as their history. To mark their territories, the Japanese planted Cherry Blossoms, especially around the targeted areas. 

Five royal palaces were affected during the invasion but Changgyeonggung palace was the most affected out of the other four. The residential area was turned into a zoo and public park which has been renamed Changgyeongwon.

The public was allowed to view the Cherry Blossom trees as the Japanese used that to distract the Koreans from the growing movement. But later on, when Korea gained its independence, President Park Chung Hee who was fond of Japanese culture ordered the planting of these trees all over the Korean Peninsula.  

Looking back, it was a bittersweet moment for the Koreans but now they admire the beauty of the Cherry Blossom trees. 

Cherry Blossom Festivals

  • Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival¬†

Being one of the biggest historical sites of Korea, Gyeongju offers cherry blossom sightings during the spring season. It is one of the ancient capitals during the Shilla dynasty, therefore you will be able to sightsee historical sites while enjoying the cherry blossoms.


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There will be various activities such as competitions, orchestra, and busking performances at the event. The most popular event will be the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon which attracts thousands of visitors each year. 

This year the number of attendees is limited to 1,000 pax due to the Covid-19 restrictions. 

  • Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival¬†

Seokchon is one of the most popular sites to see cherry blossoms in Seoul city. It has no admission fee and is easily accessible. There will be events ranging from Korean traditional games to cultural performances and exhibitions.

Every year the festival will be held over 3 days but the event is canceled this year because of the pandemic.

However, you will be able to visit the place as the lake is open to the public. Don’t forget to bring a camera and enjoy the scenic view of Lotte Tower and Magic Island. 

  • Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival¬†

One of the most well-known destinations of Korea, Jeju Island receives a lot of tourists during the Spring season as their cherry blossoms are rather unique. The cherry blossoms in Jeju have larger petals and have a much more vibrant color. 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Jeju will be filled with not only pink petals but yellow as well. Canola flowers bloom at about the same time therefore the island will be filled with vibrant colors this season. 

The full bloom trees that attract the most visitors are located in Seogwipo, close to the Jeju Sports complex. It attracts thousands of visitors because of its beautiful landscape.

Tourists will also be able to experience traditional music and performances during the festival. 

Cherry Blossom Themed Food! 

During the Cherry Blossom season, some places may offer special edition snacks or beverages only during a certain period. 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Cafes, convenience stores, and even famous brands will release Cherry blossom-themed products. Here are some of the snacks you definitely should try!

  • Cherry Blossom Bagels

What more than to enjoy a pink bagel for breakfast! We are not sure what it tastes like but sure looks good when paired with cream cheese and a cup of coffee! You can find these in a café called Hoop Hoop Bagel which is located in Gyeonggi-do. 

  • Cherry Blossom Popcorn¬†

This edition is released by Korea’s famous convenience store GS25. They had a whole collection of Cherry Blossom snacks that was featured in the store during the spring season.

  • Cherry Blossom Bingsu¬†

It’s beginning to feel warm during the Spring season, a bowl of Bingsu topped with Cherry Blossom sauce sounds perfect! If you want to take a pit stop at Danggo jip try this mouth-watering bowl of ice.  

  • Cherry Blossom Soju

Soju and Koreans can’t be separated! The party must go on with having a bottle of Cherry blossom-inspired Soju! It’s sweet and colorful! You may be able to find this only at Daldal Day branches.

Cherry Blossom Themed Cafes in Seoul! 

  • Lovin‚Äô Her Flower Caf√© & Bar¬†

If you are a fan of flowers or spring this café should be included in your bucket list! The café is located in the streets of Hongdae and is usually packed during the daytime. 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The café is decorated with flowers making it Instagram-worthy! They also provide you with flower crowns for you to take pictures with. 

Their menu has a variety of unique beverages that includes flowers! Besides that, the café serves sandwiches and cakes that pair well with a cup of tea!

Address: 22 Sinchon-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Yeonnamdong Cherry Blossoms House

This café is known as one of the prettiest cafes in the area. The exterior is pretty making it look very aesthetic. The best time to visit the café is during Spring. 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

They serve a wide variety of desserts ranging from cookies to muffins to cakes, you name it!

You can try their Cherry Blossom inspired drink:

Address: 50 Donggyo-ro 29-gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

It’s absolutely beautiful during the Spring season in South Korea! You’ll be able to enjoy the transition from cold to warmth during this period and also sightsee! 

Let us know if you’ve been to these festivals in the comments below! 

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