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All K-pop Comebacks in 2023!

2023 is shaping up to be an amazing year for K-pop fans, with a plethora of comebacks from some of the biggest artists in the genre. From veteran groups like Girls' Generation and SHINee to rising stars like TXT and ENHYPEN, there's something for everyone! No matter what kind of music you love, you're sure to find your new favorite song or artist this year. We've compiled a list of all the comebacks so far - take a look and get ready to jam out!


New Jeans

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The year 2023 kicked off with a bang for K-pop fans, as the new group New Jeans released their single "OMG" to critical and commercial acclaim. The song quickly rose up the charts, becoming one of the most popular songs in Korea within weeks of its release. With its unique blend of hip hop and pop elements, it's no surprise that this catchy tune has become an instant hit. From its infectious beat to its heartfelt lyrics, "OMG" is sure to be a song we'll remember for years to come!


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TXT's highly anticipated album "The Name Chapter: Temptation" finally arrived and it was worth the wait. The seven-member South Korean boy band has delivered a stunning collection of songs that showcase their diverse musical talents. From upbeat pop bangers to heartfelt ballads, this album is sure to please all types of K-pop fans. With its unique blend of genres ranging from afro-beats (Tinnitus is a banger!) to hip hop, TXT have created an immersive sonic experience that will keep listeners coming back for more!


Fifty Fifty

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February saw the new and fresh Fifty Fifty, with their hit single "Cupid". The song quickly rose up the charts and has become a fan favorite due to its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. With its playful use of synthesizers and driving beats, it's no wonder that this track went viral on TikTok, hit number 1 on Billboard and has been stuck in everyone's heads since its release!



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March 2023 was all about solo debut of our favourite second gen members! Starting with Mr Rover, aka Kai from Exo, we got an instant banger. Onew from Shinee gave us the musical and cinematographic masterpiece that is "Circle". BTS's Jimin did not disappoint us with his album "Face" and the hit song "Like Crazy", which got a number 1 on Billboard, making him the first ever Korean solo act to do so! BamBam from GOT7 blessed us with "Sour & Sweet", while Jisoo from BlackPink made us all learn the viral hand movement of "Flower".



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April 2023 was an amazing month for K-pop fans, with some of the biggest comebacks in years. From solo debuts to group releases, the month was filled with top tier bops and memorable moments. From girl groups like Kep1er and Ive, to boygroups like Seventeen and Xdinary Heroes, to soloist like the kings that are August D, Taeyang and Woodz.



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May is far from being over, but its already a candidate for being the best k-pop month of the year. The girls dominated this spring, with amazing comebacks from Le Sserafim, G-Idle, Aespa and Dreamcatcher. The boys did not come to play either: after BtoB, iKon and Oneus, we are waiting for Enhypen, Joohoney, AB6IX and CIX to come along with their bangers.

2023 has already been an incredible year for K-pop fans, with a plethora of comebacks from some of the biggest artists in the genre. We can't wait to see what other amazing comebacks will be coming in the second half of 2023. With such a wide variety of music styles being represented by different artists this year, it looks set to be another exciting time for K-pop lovers everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled because you never know who might have a comeback on the horizon – we're sure it'll be worth waiting for!

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