All About Theme Cafes Around South Korea!

All About Theme Cafes Around South Korea!

Korea is a country where one can spot a number of the foremost unusual places to enjoy a cup of coffee. These hidden jewels are often sometimes a touch tricky to seek out, but a number of the theme cafes in Korea are amazing places to go to and spend a stunning evening. Visit a number of these places on your Korean holiday.


This café is located within the busy shopping street near Pusan International University, Charlie Brown Cafe is a great place to relax after a shopping spree with a cup of coffee and desserts. Especially if you are a big fan of Snoopy, don't miss out on visiting this themed cafe. It is great for all ages. They serve delicious Charlie Brown cakes and muffins, have comics for patrons to read, and Charlie Brown memorabilia scattered about the place. 

Charlie Brown is that the main character within the world-famous Peanuts cartoon & TV special, written and illustrated by Charles M. Schultz. Charlie Brown is that the lovable loser that captured readers’ (and apparently also café designers’) hearts together with his witty words and never-ending hope during a life crammed with misadventures.


The concept of the cafe started from their hit item in Insadong which is called poop bread. The name of the cafe came from the word, poop, and it had been changed to poooop to form it sound cuter for the purchasers to return and luxuriate in the cafe and its decorations. Ddong Cafe - or in English Poop Cafe, serves a number of the prettiest coffees, ades, and waffles in Seoul, but it isn't the drinks and food intrinsically that pulls people in, it's what its served in and on that is the attraction! In Korea poop symbolizes fortune and good luck. Having a dream where poop appears or getting to the toilet means it is a good sign and fortune will come to you. This comes from the traditional Korean cards Hwato.

Poop cafe also sells poop scones, bread and their latte art on top of their coffees even appear as if poop! But everything tastes wonderful and that we love everything about this cafe. Their cups are purchasable also by the way. Poops cafe may be a must-visit while in Seoul, invite a restroom cup latte and a cheese waffle, also the flower ade is extremely photogenic and refreshing!


This black-and-white 2-Dimensional café within the Yeonnam-Dong district of Seoul could also be the foremost artists of cafes you've got yet to ascertain. The entire café seems like a painting out of a sketchbook, with a black-and-white aesthetic applied to the walls, tables, chairs, and even the coffee cups. The geometrical lines and shapes of the décor throughout the café give you an illusion that you simply are in a 2-D environment. Make sure to also inspect the patio on the roof for a continued sketch experience.


This enchanting café is extraordinary and something you'd see out of a Sherlock Holmes movie. Zapangi means vending machine in Korean, and this is often what you'll see once you find the café. Standing tall on a concrete wall, a completely pink vending machine is going to be expecting you, with some pink drinks and donuts on the case.

However, this vending machine isn't a traditional vending machine, because it's an entrance to the café. This secret door results in the key café beyond the wall. tons of individuals everywhere on the planet come to the café for photos and mysterious experiences. Many K-pop celebrities have visited this café also.


If you're a K-pop fan, you'll have heard of G-dragon from the South Korean K-pop group, Big Bang. He owns a restaurant called Monsant within the Aewol district of Jeju Island. Not many of us stay in Aewol because it's far away from the airport and downtown, but it's a hidden treasure crammed with beautiful scenery and wonderful cafes.

Known as an enormous South Korean fashion icon and art collector, G-dragon’s café Monsant is reflective of his artistic brand. The cubed café is made out of volcanic stone and reflective glass, so tourists often go there to require selfies while enjoying the encompassing ocean.

When entering the café, the grey marble walls mixed with Jeju Island’s historically famous volcanic stone creates a fascinating and chic vibe.

Out of all, which one is your most favorite? Leave your comments below!


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