All About Jungkook Solo "Seven" Debut!

All About Jungkook Solo "Seven" Debut!

Whether you’re a diehard ARMY or a casual listener, you’ve likely heard of Jungkook, the youngest member (maknae) of BTS. Famed for his beautiful visuals and honey voice, he’s an artist loved and respected by people worldwide. Join us as we look at the Jungkook solo “Seven,” his debut single.

Jungkook’s Solo Career So Far

The Golden Maknae has only been a solo artist for a few years, but Jungkook’s tracks are some of the most beloved BTS releases. His first solo single “Still With You” was uploaded to SoundCloud in 2020 ahead of BTS FESTA. It features a subdued instrumental that shows off his smooth vocals.

Almost two years later, Jungkook entered the Billboard Hot 100 in 2022 with the OST “Stay Alive.” Produced by BTS member Suga for the webtoon 7Fates: Chakho, it opens with a haunting melody before crescendoing into a powerful chorus, allowing the Golden Maknae to utilize his full vocal range. It was his first entry on the chart outside of BTS tracks.

2022 would be a busy year for Jungkook as he released another self-written song for BTS Festa. “My You” is a chill number written in both Korean and English. It’s a love song to ARMY, a thank-you letter, and a promise to grow as an artist and a person. Coming the same year that BTS announced a hiatus, “My You” is both poetic and poignant.

Jungkook also officially collaborated with singer Charlie Puth on “Left and Right” in June. They’d previously sung together at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards, covering “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (originally by Puth and Selena Gomez). Puth's and Jungkook's voices blend well together, and the singers appear to be enjoying themselves in the music video.

Duplicates of two men wearing black and white on a white background

Image Credits: Charlie Puth via People

Finally, Jungkook made history as the first Korean artist to both sing a theme for the FIFA World Cup and perform at its opening ceremony on November 20. He sang the song “Dreamers” in a show-stopping performance, which you can read all about in this blog.

To ARMYs, it seemed like “Still With You” and “My You” would remain unreleased songs. However, as of July 3, 2023, they’re available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.

"Seven": The Song

Since his last two solo singles were unofficial releases, “Seven” featuring Latto is Jungkook’s official debut as a solo artist. Sports Chosun reported on June 4 that Jungkook would be releasing a solo album, with BIGHIT MUSIC neither denying nor confirming the news. On July 2, however, they released the promotion schedule for a new English-language single.

Jungkook "Seven" digital cover

Image Credits: Good Morning America via YouTube

By July 7, both a campaign film (below) and images had been uploaded to social media and YouTube. ARMYs were blown away by the visuals and nervously awaited the single, which was now only a week away. On July 8, they received a short behind-the-scenes film for the campaign video and photoshoot.

On July 11, a recording film preview appeared on BTS’ personal YouTube channel. It shows Jungkook working with American singer-songwriter Andrew Watt. Watt jokes, “It’s pretty dangerous what’s about to happen,” while Jungkook teases a few notes of "Seven."

The official teaser dropped the following day. It showed Jungkook acting opposite Han So-hee. K-drama viewers will remember So-hee from 100 Days My Prince, My Name, and Nevertheless. Her next series Gyeongseong Creature will debut in the fourth quarter of 2023.

“Seven” dropped on July 14, with lucky viewers getting to see Jungkook perform it live in a rehearsal for Good Morning America's cancelled Summer Concert that same day. Its first verse is a little steamy: “I kiss your waist and ease your mind…I take my hands and trace your lines.” Jungkook continues expressing his admiration by telling his lover that she gives him and their relationship life.

A man and a woman walking in a dust-filled room

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Seven” has a fast-paced, catchy chorus that lists off the days of the week (hence the name) and capture Jungkook's passion for his loved one:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (a week)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (seven days a week)

Every hour every minute every second

You know night after night

I’ll be lovin’ you right

Seven days a week

In the second verse, Jungkook tries to convince his girlfriend why she should be with him. He swears that he is offering her everything and promises that he will “show you what devotion is." As we’ll see in the video, Jungkook goes above and beyond to prove himself!

Jungkook holding onto a lamppost during a storm

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Seven’s” earlier parts are tame compared to Latto’s lines in the bridge. In the first part, she tells Jungkook’s girlfriend to be proactive in the relationship:

Tightly take control, tightly take his soul

Take your phone and put it in the camera roll...

What you waiting for, better come and hit ya goals

In the second part, Latto addresses Jungkook, playing the part of an interested yet independent partner. “Seven” may be catchy, but it’s not entirely safe for work!

Come here, baby, let me swallow your pride

What you want, I can match your vibe

Hit me up and I’mma Cha Cha Slide

The song ends with the chorus, which by now should be stuck in listeners’ ears. With laidback instrumentals, a nicely paced melody, and memorable lyrics, “Seven” is definitely the song for summer 2023.

"Seven": The Music Video

While the song is playful and sensual, the music video is more melodramatic. “Seven’s” first scene, which appears in the teaser, takes place on "Monday" inside a fancy restaurant where Jungkook and So-hee are having an argument. The escalating tension sets off explosions that startle the other patrons and destroy the building.

A man and a woman sitting opposite each other at a dinner table as a chandelier falls behind them

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

On “Tuesday,” Jungkook hangs outside a passenger car on a train, peeking inside to serenade So-hee. She rolls her eyes and walks away, while overhead the singer walks on top of the train matching her steps. The shot perfectly captures a relationship where both people are simultaneously close yet apart.

A man walking on top of a passenger car in which a woman is walking

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Wednesday” takes place in a laundromat. Again, the force of the couple’s hostility results in disaster, this time a flood. At the very least, it gives new meaning to the words “Deeper than the ocean is.”

Jungkook sitting on a washing machine behind So-hee, both people standing waist-deep in water

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Thursday” sees Jungkook (who presumably passed out during the flood) being taken away on a stretcher. However, when So-hee walks by, he gets up and starts following her with a bouquet. We have to admire Jungkook’s persistence and stamina!

Jungkook looking to the side on a stretcher, JK chasing after So-hee with a bouquet

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

As if the last two scenarios weren’t dramatic enough, “Friday” continues the pursuit during a hurricane. One minute the couple is walking down the street; the next, So-hee is hunkered by a washing machine (possibly the same one from the laundromat) while Jungkook clings to a pole before being blown away. 

A couple walking in the rain, a woman sitting by a washing machine while a man clings to a lamppost

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Saturday” takes place inside a funeral parlor, with a supposedly deceased Jungkook in a casket. A portrait of the singer stands beside it, while a group of mourners – including a sobbing Dolly Parton and an indifferent So-hee – gather to pay their respects.

Latto addressing a crowd of mourners, Dolly Parton and So-hee with mourners

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

Latto is visibly enjoing her role as funeral officiant, from climbing onto the coffin to looking suggestively into the camera. Her scene feels a little out of place in the narrative; yet it's a lot of fun and suits the more provocative bridge.

Latto lying on a white coffin with mourners gathered round and a portrait of Jungkook

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

In a “Gotcha!” moment, Jungkook opens his coffin, wearing a cheeky grin. So-hee groans, dismayed but not surprised that her lover has cheated death.

A man opening a coffin, a woman rolling her eyes and groaning

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

“Sunday” finds Jungkook swinging on a platform suspended from a crane to sing again for So-hee. Finally, she cracks a smile.

Jungkook hanging off a platform, So-hee looking away with a smile

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

The last chorus cycles through the previous days, ending with our protagonists on Friday’s stormy street. So-hee offers Jungkook her hand, and they turn and walk back the way they came, the rain having suddenly stopped. It’s a fitting end to a complicated love story.

A man and woman holding hands on a dark rain-soaked street

Image Credits: HYBE LABELS via YouTube

What did you think of “Seven”? Leave your opinion on the song and the music video in the comments. And consider ordering a Seoulbox to sweeten your listening experience. Don’t forget to stream the song and show the Golden Maknae your love and support!

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