A Taste of Korea: Get to Know Pocha Seoulbox

A Taste of Korea: Get to Know Pocha Seoulbox

Are you looking for a unique and delicious snack experience? Then pocha is the place for you! Pocha, also known as Korean street food or market food, is becoming increasingly popular in South Korea. Pocha offers an array of snacks such as kimbap rolls, tteokbokki, sundae (Korean blood sausage), and even pocha boxes filled with a variety of snacks.


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Not only that but pochas are often found late at night serving up soju for customers who want to have drinks with their meals. Whether it's a quick bite or an evening out drinking with friends, pochas offer an enjoyable taste of Korean cuisine and culture all in one place.

Night Pocha

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What is Pocha and Why It's Becoming Popular?

Pocha, also known as Korean street food or market food, is quickly gaining popularity in South Korea. Pochas are small tented spots that can be on wheels or a street stall. Many pochas offer cheap chairs or benches for customers to sit, especially the ones serving late night customers who come to drink soju. Not only do pochas provide delicious food for a reasonable price but they also give people the opportunity to experience the unique culture of South Korea in one place. With its sociable atmosphere and tasty treats, pochas make for an enjoyable snack experience no matter what time you visit!

Pocha Street Stall

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Exploring Pocha Culture - Where to find Pochas, and the Atmosphere of Pochas!

Pochas can be found all across South Korea, from cities to rural areas. In cities pochas tend to be open late into the night and may even serve soju along with the snacks. The atmosphere of pochas is usually lively and sociable; customers often gather around pochas in groups and chat while they enjoy their food. It's also common for pochas in cities to have TVs or music playing, creating an even more enjoyable atmosphere. For those looking for a unique snack experience that also gives them insight into Korean culture, pochas are certainly worth checking out!

Pocha Night Vibe
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Enjoying Pocha Cuisine - Examples of Traditional Korean Dishes Served at Pochas and How to Order Them?

Pochas offer a wide variety of traditional Korean snacks, ranging from kimbap rolls to pocha boxes filled with an assortment of snacks. One popular dish found in pochas is tteokbokki, a spicy stir-fried dish made with rice cakes and a variety of vegetables. Another fan-favorite is sundae, which are steamed or boiled blood sausages filled with various ingredients such as noodles, potatoes, onions, and more. For those looking for something a bit simpler there's pocha boxes that come in all sorts of flavors such as kimchi, sweet potato, and even spicy squid.

Korean Street Food

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No matter what you choose to order at pocha, the process is pretty straightforward. Most pochas have their items listed on menus outside the tent so customers can pick out what they want before they enter. Once inside they can point to their desired item or just tell the vendor what it is they would like to order (in Korean if possible). The prices are usually very reasonable so ordering multiple dishes for your group is not uncommon. Even though pochas typically serve small portions it's still possible to get full from snacking on pocha items all night long!

What's Inside a Pocha Seoulbox?

Seoulbox was created to give everyone a chance to explore Korean culture from wherever they are located. The founders of Seoulbox were inspired by these warm pocha experiences in Korea and decided that they wanted to share them with others around the world. That’s why each month, they feature a new theme for their subscription boxes—this month being all about pocha! 

Pocha Seoulbox
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The pocha boxes contain an assortment of different Korean snacks, ranging from sweet to savory. Each box is filled with 13-15 different snacks, all of which are handpicked by the Seoulbox team. Some of the most popular snacks that is featured in the boxes are:

Our Home Stir-Fried Kimchi: Tofu Kimchi is one of the most popular Anjus (foods accompanying Soju) in Pocha. Heat your Kimchi and cut tofu into 1-inch thick rectangular pieces.

Tip: It also tastes great with sausage.

In Pocha: ₩13,000 (~$10)

Our Home Stir-Fried Kimchi

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Crab Snack Gejang Flavor: Seafood is a popular side dish in Korean Pocha. It's flavorful, impactful, and goes well with Soju. Gejang [Soy-sauce marinated raw crabs] is a fancy choice.

In Pocha: ₩15,000 (~$12)


Crab Snack Gejang Flavor

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Nagasaki Jjamppong Ramen: Whichever Pocha you end up with, Nagasaki Jjamppong (spicy noodles soup) is the classic warm food to-go. It's inspired by Nagasaki, Japan's pork and seafood broth.

In Pocha: ₩18,000 (~$15)


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Baked Potato Hot Grilled BBQ: Seasoned and grilled meat, especially pork, is another popular main dish in Pochas. The Hot Grilled BBQ snack is crunchy and smoky with a spicy kick.
In Pocha: ₩22,000 (~$18)
Hot Chicken Stir-Fried Rice Snack: Spicy stir fries are often a main dish in Pochas. Try this hot chicken-inspired stir-fried rice snack. It is spicy and crunchy while rich in flavors.

Tip: Tastes excellent when lightly cooked in ramen.

In Pocha: ₩8,000 (~$7)

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There’s nothing quite like experiencing the unique culture of Korea from wherever you are located in the world; now you can do just that with Seoulbox! This month’s theme is all about pocha—the beloved street food restaurant—and it comes packed with everything you need to create your own special journey through this amazing part of Korean culture. Discovering different foods and stories behind drinks will let you appreciate genuine aspects into daily life of ordinary Koreans – just like us! Dive into an exciting adventure with Seoulbox today!


If you would like to know more about our Seoulbox click here!

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