A Korean Character Literally Popped out from a Romantic Novel

A Korean Character Literally Popped out from a Romantic Novel

Recently, a strange animation character appeared on Binggrae's official Instagram. Wearing the crown of Binggrae's signature "Banana-flavored milk" and pants, the character's name is Binggraeus the Marsis (Yummy Binggraeus).

Thanks to Binggraeus, which shows a florid look and sloppy narcissism, Binggrae's Instagram has received an explosive response, with 17,000 followers in about three weeks.



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⠀ 안녕?

빙그레 공식 인스타그램계정입니다.(@binggraekorea)님의 공유 게시물님,

Binggrae, which is seeing the effect of TV commercials featuring top stars such as Son Heung-min, Pengsu and You San-seul as models, has made a winning move with Instagram marketing with its first character 'Binggraeus'.


Binggraeus reveals his selfies on Instagram, and posts an article introducing Binggrae products in his own wild way, including photos taken with "Pengsu," an advertising model for "Bungeo Samanko," "Breadtoa," "Banana-flavored Milk" and "Dr. Capsule1000."

Binggraeus says, "Me, introduce Binggraeus," "I'm taking a walk. What are your friends doing? It's making a trend to have a unique way of speaking.




Binggraeus recently introduced his signature product, Banana-flavored Milk, saying, "I've heard that these days your lover's nickname is sweet dessert. You who are looking at this article. My Sweet banana flavored milk. Would you like to have a glass of banana flavored milk with me in the garden?"



The followers who read this article actively commented, "Your Highness, please take a picture of the coordinates," "I am addicted to the Little Man and Your Highness," and "Prince, I am devastated," enjoying the communication with Binggraeus like a game. 


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