A Getaway to Korean Culture with Seoulzine

A Getaway to Korean Culture with Seoulzine


Seoulbox is Korean company that shares the experience of Korea with original Korean goodies, snacks, and magazines! These are shipped straight to your door and monthly subscriptions are available so you can explore the exciting new world of souvenirs every month. The unique Korean snacks and goodies, as well as the magazine in each box is based on the specific theme of the month! The themes depend on the festivals and events happening in that month.

Seoulzine is the name of the magazine that comes in every box with all the other goodies. Each issue has all the information you need to know about the snacks, including exciting and original ways to eat the snacks! As you dive into the pages, you’ll find enlightening information about interesting cultural events and a deeper look into the Korean culture.

There’s also information about popular trends and TV programs that you must watch! And special pages for our Seoulmate community. Seoulzine gives entertainment, insight, and tugs at your curiosity. It’s an original magazine made as the perfect gateway into the Korean culture!

Korean Culture

Korean culture is rich with history, customs, and traditions… and of course the food! The history spans from the monarchies that begin way back in 668, with the 3 kingdoms (Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla).

Thanks to the popularity of K-pop, many people are also exploring the Korean folk music and tradition music scene.

K-movies have become more mainstream at this point and everybody and their grandmother is watching K-drama. Korean food is another part of Korean culture that everyone raves on about because it’s just so delicious. Then we get to the beautiful Korean traditions and interesting superstitions around certain holidays. All these are important parts of the Korean culture and it’s exciting to learn about and follow the trends within each of these sections!

What is Seoulzine?

Seoulzine introduces the Korean culture in an engaging way so that you can learn more about Korea in bite-sized and entertaining pieces! It can be frustrating to look up all the information about Korea on your own and it’s so much more fun and engaging to have all the interesting and relevant parts of the Korean culture all in one place!

The themes for each month dive deep into a piece of Korea and reveal the culture in the most fascinating way! Each theme is specific to that month and ranges from Busan and the epic summer festivals to the Hallyu wave.

What you can expect from Seoulzine?

Expect to be entertained and intrigued with all the modern Korean trends to traditional insights, cool recipes, and engaging stories! Inside the magazine, you’ll find creative introductions to each of the yummy snacks in the box. Your health and wellbeing is important to us, so we make sure to add information on all the allergens.

Get wrapped up in all the cool Korean cultural stories and customs explained in an engaging way! Understand the symbolism behind all the exciting traditions and join the Korean celebrations in a more meaningful way. Become more familiar with Korean cities and popular restaurants and try out some of the Korean food recipes at home. Jump in on all the trends for the month and get to know all our precious Seoulmates!

Why Seoulzine is valued?

We’re excited to bring Korea closer to you and we love hearing how much you’re loving the experience! Seoulzine is an important source of information and as you go through each page, you learn more nuances about the Korean culture that’s difficult to learn elsewhere. The magazine pulls you in with all the interesting topics and may be just as addictive as all your favorite K-dramas!

Because each magazine has a theme, you have all the exciting information in one place so you’re able to explore that aspect of the Korean culture on a much deeper level. The magazine also puts a lot of emphasis on the visuals so that each page gives you the authentic experience and helps relay the feeling of Korea.


Seoulzine improves your knowledge about the Korean culture, and each issue takes you a step closer to Korea. The magazine pulls you in with unique information and is the really the best stress reliever! Once you open up the pages, all the tension from your day just dissipates and you’re transferred into a new world of exciting events.

And for all our language learning Seoulmates, you can sneak in a little bit of Korean vocabular in-between with the names of Korean snacks and some fun quizzes. You can also try out new Korean recipes and tag us on social media! We want to see all our chef Seoulmates shine!

Promoting Korean Culture

We want our Seoulmates to join in all the Korean traditions and celebrations and just thinking about that makes us excited to introduce the Korean culture well! We want to promote the Korean culture through traditional Korean recipes that literally give you a taste of Korea, as food plays a big role in any culture.

Some Korean recipes may be unfamiliar at first but are so tasty that they most likely will become your comfort food! We’re also excited to promote all the interesting events and traditions that take place from January to December, like the Lunar New Year and Korean Thanksgiving, so that you can become familiar with them. We enjoy introducing all the beautiful cities and connecting it to the Korean food and history of that area!

People are becoming more excited about Korean food and culture and Seoulzine aims to captivate you in the beauty of Korean culture. Seoulzine is an essential part of Seoulbox and we can’t wait for you to dive into it!


About the author: Suji was studying in London in the year 2019 and, although being separated from her family, her passion for Korea was growing. She noticed that a lot of her close friends loved Korean culture, food, music, and dramas and gradually started to fall in love with Korea, but there weren't many opportunities to actually "experience" this wonderful nation!

Suji was aware of what she needed to do to introduce Korea to her friends' lives and, conceivably, to those of everyone else who was curious about a piece of Daehan Min-guk.

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