A Complete and Genuine Guide to Jumak Marvel

A Complete and Genuine Guide to Jumak Marvel

Hi Seoulmate!

Here's a complete translation of the game Jumak Marvel for you.


1. Your Tokens

주모 [jumo]: She's a manager of Jumak

기생 [gi seng]: She's a singer to make a party more exciting

상궁 [sang gung]: She's a servant of the king

왕 [wang]: He's the king of Korea

상인 [sang in]: He's someone selling and distributing products across the country

천민 [cheon min]: He's the lowest class who used to butcher animals or clean the road


2. Your Keys

뜻밖의 주막 면제권: An exemption ticket of 뜻밖의 주막. You can keep it

꽝: It's a fake card!

원하는 상대의 말을 원하는 칸에 놓는다: You can put anyone's token to any place you want. The selected one has to follow the rule when their turn arrives

탐관오리: You can steal someone else's key

외래어 금지: Until your next turn, you can't use any foreign language. If you break the rule, you have to drink 사약

여자만 원샷: Everyone drinks. Female only

한 잔 면제권: You are exempt from drinking one glass (including 사약)

한 명 지목해서 러브샷: You can point someone to do a love shot (two people hook arms and take a shot)

대동여지도: Move to 대동여지도 in the board

조선감옥행: Move to 조선감옥 and chill for 2 turns

1회 면제권: You are exempt from every rule and drink for one time

반 잔 면제권: You can drink half of the glass for one time

흑기사/흑장미 권: You can force someone else to drink on behalf of you

남자만 원샷: Everyone drinks. Male only


3. Your board

왼쪽사람 한잔원샷: A person left to you will drink a shot

한번 쉬기: You can chill for one time

사약제조: Make your own 사약!

도원결의: Everyone drinks

오른쪽사람 한잔원샷: A person right to you will drink a shot

조선감옥: You can't move your token for 2 rounds

사약원샷: You have to drink a shot of 사약

대동여지도: You can move to anywhere you want

나 빼고 다 마셔: Everyone except you has to drink


4. Special Board: 뜻밖의 주막

한잔 원샷: Drink a shot

사약 원샷: Drink 사약

왼쪽 사람과 러브샷: Drink a love shot with a person left to you

1회 휴식: You can chill this time

원하는 상대와 러브샷: Drink a love shot with a person of your choice

조선감옥으로 가시오: Move to 조선감옥

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