8 Kpop dances to give you that 'dope' moments

8 Kpop dances to give you that 'dope' moments

K-Pop dances with their often complex choreography and fast-paced movements can be very challenging. Not all the dances are as good as they seem, though. There are in reality dances which are suitable for beginners. Check out those dances that even if you're a novice you should learn!


1. Momoland: Bboom Bboom

For this song, the choreography is a classic which is a must for all K-Pop fans who want to learn to dance.


2. BTS: Boy with Luv

The classic always shines! With the song, awaken your inner angel and turn your room into a fluffy heaven.


3. SNSD: Gee

This dance is relatively easy. With little practice, beginners can follow the choreography and enjoy the moments.


4. Monsta X: Jealousy

A challenging, but rewarding dance presented by the 'beast idol' Monsta X. But boy, does it have a cool killing part!


5. (G)I-Dle: Senorita

If you want to give a spicy kick, this is definitely for you. Having the right balance between being sexy and classy, this dance will make you feel like a queen.


6. VAV: Senorita

If the girl band's Senorita is not enough for you, how about trying the boy band's Spanish-infused choreography?


7. Seventeen: Don't Wanna Cry

Do we really have to talk again about Seventeen's synchronicity and movement?


8. Chungha: Roller Coaster

If you want to get the sass of fresh, confident love, try the queen's confession dance. It will bring butterflies to your stomach!

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