5 Korean School Uniforms that will Get Your Attention

When you watch K-dramas, you can see various school uniforms in them. Everyone has a desire to wear a pretty school uniform at least once. 

Today, We'd like to introduce some of the most famous/prettiest uniforms in Korea.

1. Hanlim Art High School

Hanlim Arts High School have produced many idols including Jeon So-mi, Cha Eun-woo, Song Min-ho, Crystal, Dahyun and Tzuyu. It is known for its stylish school uniforms. What do you think about that? 


2. Lila Art High School

The uniforms of Lila Art High School have produced Bae Jin-young. Notice the yellow and brown checkered patterns.

3. Gyewon Art High School

Gyewon Art High School's school uniform has a big red checkered ribbon. It is famous for the school uniform worn by Kim Go-eun in the K-drama <Gardian>.


4. Seoul Performing Arts High School

The school uniform of Performing Arts High School have produced many celebrities such as Jungkook, Sulli, Suzy, and Do-yeon. Its uniform has a unique combination of yellow and black.


5. Jeonju Art High School

The school uniforms of Jeonju Art High School have produced Taeyeon and Seohyeon of Girls' Generation. It has a signature color of light purple .


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