7 Best Summer Snack Arrivals in Korea

May is a month of snacks. It's full of new and diverse arrivals.

This time, it's a really different concept. Various snacks came out to the market. Which snacks are new?


1. Shin Dang Dong Tteokbokki Chicken 


No spicy at all, sweet and savory taste.
It's a bit small in size so tantalizing!


2. Crunky Popcorn




The chocolate is thick and sweet!
The outer crust of the crunchy cookie.
It also gives a chewy texture; it's savory.



3. My Farm Onion Bean Snack




It's savory and mild.
Snacks that seem good for children to eat, too!
We won't get tired of it because it's a light snack.


4. Black Sesame Injeolmi Snack



With the subtle aroma of black sesame,
it;s full of sweet Injeolmi flavor!


5. Ramyun Snack Jjajjaroni


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Sweet and salty.
The unique sweetness of the black bean sauce!


6. Yegam Stir Fried Onion Flavor



 A light potato and stir-fried onion meet to be moderately sweet and salty.
Crispy texture with an addictive taste!


7. Pepero Crunky



 Almond Pepero's high-compatibility version!
The crunchiness of Crunky chocolate (chocolate with crunchy flakes) just met Pepero!
A match made in heaven.

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