7 New Snacks To Hunt Down In Korea 2020

7 New Snacks To Hunt Down In Korea 2020

Hi Seoulmates! Hope you are having an amazing December 🙌🌟

Are you a Korean snack lover like us? 😁

Like many other parts of Korea, there are incredible snack flavors that you need to try! 😍

Butter caramel? 🍮 Cheesy cheese? 🧀 Cheese burger? 🍔 Here's a few to name. Would you like to try any of them?


1. Peanut & Pretzel Pepero



2. Premium Truffle Chips


3. Fondant Chocolat Cake


4. African Curry Chips


5. Sandwich Cookie Pina Colada


6. Honey Butter Chip Chou Cream Maple Flavor


7. Kokkalcorn Dipping Sauce Version


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