7 Kpop MVs to cheer you up

7 Kpop MVs to cheer you up

Being quarantined and staying at home is not an easy task to do. We're all doing it for everybody and to protect ourselves. Good job on keeping yourself up! Here, we recommend you 7 music videos to cheer you up.


1. Oneus - Lit

RBW: So you wanna give uncultured people a lesson?

Oneus: YES


2. BTS - DNA

I love you jungkook I love you taehyung I love you jimin I love you hoseok I love you yoongi I love you seokjin I love you namjoon I love BTS!


3. Mamamoo - Egoistic

Me: I'm straight

Hwasa's thighs: no

Solar's visual: no

Moonbyul's voice: no

Wheein's cuteness: no


4. Sunmi - Siren

Because of the intro I thought that this would turn out to be a horror movie but thank God it's just Sunmi looking gorgeous in many fabulous outfits.


5. Stray Kids - Hellevator

Me : *considering stanning straykids *

My mind : girl you already stan about 15 groups

Me : one more isnt gonna hurt...


6. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette

When you’re a serial killer but still need to look cute


7. Wanna One - Beautiful

I like AB6IX I like CIX I like Nuest.

But I Love Wanna One 😭

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