9 Korean Winter Street Foods Help Beat the Cold

9 Korean Winter Street Foods Help Beat the Cold

The craving for piping hot food intensifies as winter has set in, and the local street vendors are only too happy to provide it. For years and years, the Korean winter street foods mentioned on the following pages have been popular in the country; some have even been around for more than a century.

They may not taste like candy canes or Christmas cookies, but these Korean winter street foods are the ideal snacks for warming you right up this holiday season. Rustle up a few KRW 1,000 bills next time hunger hits, put on your jacket, and see if you can find one of the following street treats to eat.

1. Bungeoppang 붕어빵 


2. Gukhwappang 국화빵



3. Roasted Chesnut 군밤



4. Hotteok 호떡



5. Hoppang 호빵



6. Egg Bun 계란빵


7. Fish Cake 어묵


8. Grilled Corn 군옥수수


9. Grilled Sweet Potato 군고구마


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