6 Ramyuns you must try

6 Ramyuns you must try

There are so many varieties of Korean ramyum (aka ramyeon, ramen, noodles) out there. You might have tasted a fair few of them (if you are a loya Seoulmate!). explore the world of ramyun today. We've selected the best selection of ramyuns which are packed with flavors and characters.


1. Shin Ramyun Black

It includes a Sul-Long-Tang (thick beef extract) soup base sachet which gives the broth extra strength.


2. Neoguri Spicy Seafood

Its noodles are indistinguishably thick - almost like those of udon. Also has avunique soup base made with Dashima, one kind of seaweed widely used in Korean cooking to add a rich flavors to the dish.


3. Bibim Myun

Bibim Myun is a cold noodle that is great anytime, but especially in the summer months. A sort of soft, spicy sauce coats the noodles and, at the same time, is refreshing. Pairs surprisingly well with fresh cucumber and boiled egg.


4. Army Stew

It originated from donated portions of hams and sausages form US army base in Korea back to 1960s. Its characteristic rich flavors stand out among the crowd.


5. Kimchi

If you love Korean Kimchi spiciness, that's your flavor. Within the seasoning the little bits of Kimchi really tingle the taste buds.


6. Buldak [a.k.a. Hot Chicken Ramen]

Special creamy texture, infamous for the intense spiciness. Check your spice tolerance and dig into those noodles flavored with fiery chicken.

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