6 Korean Fashion & Beauty English Websites for Online Shopping

If you're really interested in Korean fashion & beauty, you've probably heard of a few websites like Gmarket, Interpark and Coupang to buy. But most of these websites are in complete Korean, so if you're still not fluent, we've found some Korean online shopping centers for you in English. Here's a list of the best websites in Korea that will make your life easier when you shop online 🛒 🛍️

1. Daba Girl https://dabagirl.net/


2. Just One http://www.justone.co.kr/


3. Hot Ping https://hotping.com/


4. Style Nanda https://www.stylenanda.com/


5. Chuu https://chuu.co.kr/


6. Codi Book https://codibook.net/


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