6 K-Movies to Cuddle Up this Weekend

6 K-Movies to Cuddle Up this Weekend


What a better way to start a new yearโ€™s first weekend than by watching some amazing and entertaining K-movies you can cuddle up with your Oppa? Thatโ€™s why we have gathered a Top 6 of movies to enjoy with your significant other, we hope you enjoy them, Oh! And donโ€™t forget your favorites snacks!

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Love and Leashes - ๋ชจ๋Ÿด์„ผ์Šค

Love and Leashes

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Genre: Romance, Comedy

A movie directed by Park Hyun-jin, starring Seohyun (Jung Ji-Woo) and Lee Jun-young (Jung Ji-Hoo) is based on the webcomic Moral Sense by Gyeoul. Working for a sizable firm is Jung Ji-Woo, for which Jung Ji-Hoo, has acquired feelings for him, but she hasn't told him about them. Jung Ji-Woo gets a parcel one day at the office and due to their similar names, the package was delivered to her coworker Jung Ji-Hoo instead of the intended recipient. Jung Ji-Woo opened the box, which contains BDSM items.

When it happens, Jung Ji-Hoo approaches and informs her that the gift is his, opens with her and asks if she could be her master. Jung Ji-Woo agrees, and they make a temporary three-month relationship commitment in which Jung Ji-Woo would serve as his master.

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure - ํ•ด์ : ๋„๊นจ๋น„ ๊นƒ๋ฐœ

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

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Genre: Adventure

This film was directed by Kim Jeong-hoon, with Han Hyo-joo (Hae-Rang) and Kang Ha-neul (Wu Mu-Chi) in the lead roles. It is a spiritual prequel to The Pirates from 2014, follows the exploits of a group of pirates who band together in the sea to look for lost royal jewels.

Formerly the head of a bunch of robbers, Wu Mu-Chi now resides on a pirate ship with his right-hand man Kang-Seop and alongside Hae-Rang, captain of the pirates, they will search the ocean to find the lost treasure of the Goryeo royal family.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations - ์•ผ์ฐจ

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

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Genre: Spy, Action

The movie, which is set in Shenyang, China, centers on the head of an espionage organization's black ops squad is headed by Kang-In (Sol Kyung-Gu), known as Yacha which alludes to a vicious ghost that torments or murders humans. Kang-In is a man of cold blood and will use any methods necessary to accomplish his goals. ย 

A prosecutor in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office is Ji-Hoon (Park Hae-Soo), who always abides with the law gets transferred to China's Shenyang, where he will run into Kang-In at that location. This film was directed Na Hyeon.

Midnight โ€“ ๋ฏธ๋“œ๋‚˜์ดํŠธ

Midnight โ€“ ๋ฏธ๋“œ๋‚˜์ดํŠธ

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Genre: Thriller

Portrays a life-threatening game of hide and seek between a psychotic killer and a deaf woman. She works at a call center as a sign language interpreter. She encounters serial killer Do-Sik (Wi Ha-joon ) late at night on a Seoul street, she now need to make an effort to escape from him. The movie was written and directed by Kwon Oh-seung and stars Jin Ki-joo (Kyung-Mi), Wi Ha-joon (Do-Sik), and Kim Hye-yoon (So-Jung).

Spiritwalker โ€“ ์œ ์ฒด์ดํƒˆ์ž


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Genre: Mystery, Action, Fantasy

A film written and directed by Yoon Jae-geun. Starring Yoon Kye-sang (Kang Yi-An), Park Yong-woo (Director Park), and Lim Ji-yeon (Moon Jin-A), is about an amnesic guy who wakes up in a different body every twelve hours. While avoiding attacks from both violent criminals and pursuing agents, he must put together his identity. But time is running out for him because he has no memories and no allies.

In our Prime - ์ด์ƒํ•œ ๋‚˜๋ผ์˜ ์ˆ˜ํ•™์ž

In our Prime

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Genre: Drama

The premise of the movie, which stars Choi Min-sik (Hak-Sung), Kim Dong-hwi (Ji-Woo), Park Byung-eun (Kim Geun-Ho), Park Hae-joon (An Ki-Cheol), and Jo Yun-seo (Park Bo-Ram), is about two outcasts who attend special math classes: a brilliant mathematician with a dark past and a needy student who has given up on arithmetic.

In North Korea, Hak-Sung (Choi Min-Sik) was a brilliant mathematician. He fled to South Korea and is currently concealing his history. Now he works at a high school as a security officer, where he meets Ji-Woo, a high school student, there. Ji-Woo was about to give up on math until he decided to contact Hak-Sung for assistance due to circumstances and Hak-Sung reluctantly offers to tutor him in math.

While Ji- Woo's understanding of mathematics grows, an odd friendship soon takes root, but danger at the high school is looming.

Share with us in the comment which movie did you enjoyed the more or which other could have made the list!

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