5 Unique Facts about Dating in Korea

5 Unique Facts about Dating in Korea

Love is pure which needs purity and dedication. People show their love affection through various things and actions but in Korea, it's slightly different. Korea is known for the place of lovers where couples show their love affection and declare their love in different ways by matching their clothes 'Couple Looks' Just like in Romantic K-dramas. A couple celebrates days like Valentine's Day and White Day to show their love affection on these days. With that said, dating in Korea adheres to strict unwritten rules; so here are some things that you should need to know.

  • Matching is cool!

  • Whenever you visit Korea you'll find a couple walking on the streets hand in hand and you'll find them funny, and you'll laugh at them as they are in matching outfits. They will match everything from top to toe whether it's a T-shirt, couple of phone cases. People in Korea take fashion style very seriously. They show the world and people that he/she belongs to them by showing who your boo is?



  • You need a ring to put on!

  • Wearing a matching ring in Korea is a sign that you're being in a committed relationship or it's either used at that point when the couple becomes 'official' or the couple's 100th- day anniversary.

  •  May you like anniversaries! 

  • In Korea, you'll find not only a mark of the 100th day you expect to celebrate. Korean people not only celebrate 100 days anniversary but also 200, 400, 1000 days counting starts from the day they came together. The younger couple usually teens also celebrate 22nd day together.



  • Being cute it's just not only for the girls 

  • Just like in k-dramas shows not only the girl's cute side but also the boy too. The couple uses cute emojis while messaging on the popular app Kakao talk. Boys are as cute as girls in Korea. They never leave any chance to show their love to their partners. They aren't afraid to buy cute things like candy, holding hands together in public, or eating ice cream or dessert in theme cafes. 

  • Sharing is caring 

  • Always expect to share if you ever went out for dinner in Korea. Many Korean restaurants serve dishes that turned out to be a single dinner. Popular Korean dessert bingsu comes in an enormous, towering bowl. Sharing a bowl of bingsu on a date is a very much popular date activity. In Korea, it's very much normal to share a coffee, milkshake, or any other things. 

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