5 Summer Cafe Drinks You Must Try in Korea

5 Summer Cafe Drinks You Must Try in Korea

I'd like to post a post about recommending drinks at a cafe today. These days, I go to a cafe often even if it's not a special thing or date or study alone. We don't have a place to spend time with, so we thought we should go to a cafe. That's how it's become our daily life. Even if I go to a nearby cafe, I have a problem. I don't care if it's a cafe I go to often, but in a cafe I don't go often, I wonder, "What should I drink?" or go on a date with a lover and ask, "What do you want to drink?" I can't answer easily. He ends up shouting "Ice Americano." For you who only drink "Ice Americano," I brought a list of beverage recommendations by cafe this time in Korea.


1. Two Some Place - Chocolate Cookie Blanc

It's the ultimate combo of Chocolate + Oreo + Ice Cream. Super sweet.




2. Angel-in-Us - Lotus Biscoff Snow

Angel-in-us also has a delicious drink to recommend! A creative addition of the beloved Lotus cookie.




3. Paik Dabang - Pistachio Paik's Cino

Paik Dabang is famous for its huge size drinks at a low price. The coffee shop offers large quantities at a low price to suit Baek Jong-won's philosophy. As the representative beverage of Paik Dabang, it smells amazing.



 4. Mega Coffee - Jolly Pong Latte

The menu that makes a small coffee franchise the most trendy cafe nationwide! A bunch of Jolly Pongs - popped-grain snack - on top of whipped cream and cafe latte.




5. Amasvin - Sahara

It's a strawberry-banana smoothie with lots of jellies. If you walk down the road of Haeundae and spot Amasvin, please try Sahara out. It'll definitely cool the summer heat down!


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