5 Snacks That Have a Secret Relationship with Kpop

5 Snacks That Have a Secret Relationship with Kpop

From adorable finger hearts to 1-billion viewed music videos, Kpop is full of mind-blowing and thrilling experiences. Being popstars, Kpop stars may seem like live on chicken breast and protein powder only. But your favorite idols love snacking too! Seoul Box reveals a yummy side to Kpop through introducing 5 snacks which are packed with creative Kpop twists.


1. BTS X Honey Twister

At times, idols can become possessive over their snacks, especially when two members want the same one. BTS was not an exception. BTS Jimin and V fought over Honey Twister, a crunchy treat coated with honey with black sesame seeds dotted around. Apparently, it’s their favorite Korean snack.

BTS jimin and taehyung fighting over chipWhat makes it even more adorable is the fact that Honey Twister is regarded as a classic snack which has greater ‘fanbase’ among older generations rather than being a hip, trendy treat! (In the video clip, Jimin looks devastated over getting potato chip instead of Honey Twister.) Two grown-ups fighting over a classic snack – it’s a unique way to define cuteness.

Curious about the attraction of Honey Twister? Our Signature Seoul Box features the treat. Click here to look around.


2. Twice X Banana Kick

If we find something so delicious, we’d love to share it on our social media. Twice shows no difference in it. Sana showed off her love for Banana Kick, a banana-flavored éclair, on Instagram, mentioning that it’s the best tasting snack.

A lot of fans allegedly admitted that she has a good taste about sweets, as the snack has been one of the bestselling snacks in Korea for decades.







3. GOT7 X Home Run Balls 

Let's discover the bias side of boy bands. For a while, GOT7 always picked Home Run Balls over all other treats – whenever they were vlogging, selecting Karaoke snack, or launching a mini competition. This is the snack variation of profiteroles, a mini choux filled with milk chocolate cream, it will melt in your mouth immediately. It’s definitely a top tier snack, but there’s another reason behind the biased side of the boy band. 




The hidden reason: their first album's title song was 'Home Run'! How about listening to GOT7 'Home Run' while enjoying this pastry? It will make your snacking experience even more special. Of course, Seoul Box has prepared the treat in a box to enrich your Kpop-ping experience.



4. Hwasa X Chapagetti



Now, let's get back to our food quest with an unbelievable dish: Truffle Oil Chapagetti. It’s created by Mamamoo's Hwasa. She changed Chapagetti to a gourmet dish by adding two ingredients: egg yolk and truffle oil. How sensational! This led to truffle oil being sold out across Korea. Talk about power.

Chapagetti is a cute fusion of Chinese black bean noodles, with loads of toppings including bean curd, cabbage, and potato. Curious about the taste? You can find it in either Signature Seoul Box or Deluxe Seoul Box. Why not try the eccentric variation of the scrumptious dish?

5. WJSN X Yangnyum Chicken Potato

Finally, snacks can also be a good channel for idols to express their creative spirit. Let’s investigate a behind-the-scene story between WJSN members about this treat. Once, WJSN’s Luda revealed a secret recipe that she uses to feed her team members: Yangyum Chicken Aussie Cheese Fries.

To make it, simply add a few slices of cheese to Yangyum Chicken Potato Chip and microwave for 20 seconds – within 5 minutes, you can taste a typical nighttime snack for WJSN. In fact, it tastes exactly like cheesy fries, with a fusion of Korean-inspired sweet & spicy chicken flavors. Want to try a bite? Feel free to find the snack in our Korean snack box.

There’s a myriad of interesting stories about Kpop stars and snacks. What a sweet relationship! This September, how about discover a new side to Kpop through Seoul Box?

Every 32 snacks and goodies have a unique story to tell. Reveal an epic Kpop story behind your box, and enjoy a concert surviving kit as a bonus goody set. Every Seoul Box is carefully curated to bring Korea closer to your world.



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