5 Magnificent Psychedelic K-Pop MVs That will Get You Measured

5 Magnificent Psychedelic K-Pop MVs That will Get You Measured

About every fan will tell you, when making music video, that K-pop doesn't mess around. They never hesitate to include flashy digital effects or fine dresses which state themselves and distinguish themselves from the crowd. It therefore makes sense to frequently walk across psychedelic terrain in k-pop music videos. Albeit a lot of uber trippy music videos are available, this list concentrates on people who rely on lighting effects, bold colors and dynamic transitions – instead of ridiculous, nonsensical imaging, to create hypocritical psychedelic experiences.
Let's dive straight in without further ado!

NCT U – “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”

You just have to look at the thumbnail of this music video to understand that it is a visual treat not just for the NCT U boys. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) pulls viewers into another feature and occasionally uses the viewpoint of fisheye and spectacular kaleidoscopic effects along with remarkable colors, to create a magnificent, disturbing atmosphere.

DPR CREAM – “Color Drive”

This may not be K-pop exactly in the usual way, but anything from Dream Perfect Regime seems almost criminal not to mention (if you know, you know). The photo shots of DPR CREAM that jam on the keyboard, however, have several other surreal scenes. They're particularly psychedelic.


Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

Astral dream, part warehouse rave, "Roller Coaster" is a moving watch from start to finish. Although I prefer shooting with her dancers in the middle of a blizzard of multicolored orbs and Chungha, the radioactive neon outfits, especially when combined with glow-in-the-dark maquillage, are very psychedelic.


Hyolyn & Changmo – “Blue moon”

Holyn's double-exposed celestial views and sea waves offer an etheral feeling to "Blue Moon," amplified by the undulating synth line of the album. Although this supernova-like hallucinatory picture adds an extra out-of-the-world layer during Changmo's verse, which actually hits the spot.


Twice – “More & More”

"MORE & MORE" takes a kaleidoscope's movement into TWICE and produces a vortex of colors and patterns that collide and complement each other perfectly at the same time. The results of the first choir and bridge are particularly striking and charming.

What are your visually wonderful trance music videos? 
In the comments below, let us know!

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