5 Korean Snacks of which You Can Play Cool Games

5 Korean Snacks of which You Can Play Cool Games

Snacks are tasty - but what if they offer you a fun game as well? It'll be an extra fun edition to make your day. Some Korean snacks do have gaming features. From a cute Spot-A-Difference game to a board to construct a beautiful tower, SeoulBox introduces to you 5 eye-catching snack-game ideas in Korea. 


1. Goraebab 


The shape includes ordinary fish, whales, turtles, octopuses, squid, blowfish, crabs, starfish, sharks


2. Kancho



A real adorable boardgame is a part of its package. The snack is already cute with its bright pink pack and character (Kani, Choni) cookie balls, but the game brings the cuteness to the next level.


3. Ice Choco



The set contains two chocolate tubes, trays, and stick cookies in the product. Prepared chocolate tube. All you have to do is squeeze it in a mushroom tray.


4. Choco Pie



The well-known Korean treat has a secret history of giving out a construction board for every one box of Choco Pie. The variety varies - from national treasures of Korea to dinosaurs.


5. Egg Mon




It reads as 'Egg Mong' in Korea, and meant to be an egg monster! It's a Korean version of Kinder Egg.

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