5 Korean Snacks That Will Cheer You Up

5 Korean Snacks That Will Cheer You Up

What do watching a film, waiting for a dinner reservation and studying the Korean language have in common? All three activities get much more enjoyable when you include Korean snacks in the mix!

Snacks are one of life's essential pleasures and, as you dig into Kpop and learn more about Korean culture, I'm sure you're wondering what Korea has to offer the world of snacks.

Here we're introducing 5 Korean snacks that will sure cheer you up when you're going through different times. One bite of sweets melts your mind - and certainly do Korean candies!


1. Matdongsan

Matdongsan is a fried snack with sprinkles of crushed peanut. This snack is notorious for destroying your mouth's roof, because it's so crunchy!


2. Choco Pie Banana

This is one of the most famous Korean snacks. Meeting a Korean who knows nothing about choco pies is pretty much impossible. Chocolate-coated sponge cakes that make a great cushion for banana-flavored marshmallow in between, it's definitely a treat-to-go when you feel down.


3. Injeolmi Rice Puffs

These puffs are slightly sweet and have a unique flavor reminiscent of peanut butter, rather than the salty, cheesy flavor of Cheetos. Give these a try you need a snack to give you a pleasant crunch and a tone of flavor.


4. Yakgwa

It is a classical Korean sweet made mainly from honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour. These taste a condensed glazed donuts. Obviously, they are delicious.


5. Kancho Cookie Balls

These button-sized cookies are pretty little morsels packed with chocolate in the milk. These little bites of sweet cookie goodness are just the right amount of naughty, with a crumbly-cookie shell and milky chocolate center.

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